Enable Two-Step Verification for Your LinkedIn Account

Setting up two-step verification on your LinkedIn account will make it more difficult for others to access your account, even if they have your password.

When you enable two-step verification, every time you (or someone else) tries to access your LinkedIn account from any new (unrecognized) device, LinkedIn sends a verification code via text message to your registered mobile number. At your end, if you have the registered mobile and you receive the verification code, you can provide the code in the available field on LinkedIn before it allows you to access your profile from the new device.

Here’s how you can enable two-step verification for your LinkedIn account:

    ■Sign in to your LinkedIn account using any web browser.
    ■On the Home page, hover mouse to the Account & Settings button (button with the profile picture).
    ■From the available list, click the Review link representing Privacy & Settings option.

    ■If prompted, provide your sign-in credentials in the appropriate fields.
    ■On the next window, click the Account tab from the lower section.
    ■From the opened Account tab, under the Settings section in the right, click the Manage security settings link from the bottom.

    ■Once the Security Settings interface opens up, under the Two-step verification for sign-in section, click the Turn On link.
    ■Click the Done button from the bottom.

    ■On the Set a phone number to get verification codes via text (SMS) window, ensure that your country is selected in Country drop-down list.
    ■In the Phone Number field, type your preferred phone number that you use regularly.
    ■Click the Send Code button. (If prompted provide your log-in credentials.)

    ■Once you receive a code on your given phone no, on the Turn on two-step verification interface, enter the received code in the available field.
    ■Once done, click the Verify button.

    ■Finally click the Done button from the bottom to complete the process.