Fix the unresponsive power and volume buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S7


As accomplished as the Samsung Galaxy S7 may be, it isn’t without it’s issues. A number of users occasionally find that the power and volume buttons fail to respond which is a pain to say the least. Fortunately, it is simple to fix the unresponsive power and volume buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S7, here’s how.

There are two main way to address unresponsive power and volume buttons on the S7.

Often, a simple reboot will stop whatever is getting in the way of button responses.

1. Hold down the volume down and power button until Galaxy S7 logo appears on screen.
2. Navigate the menu with the volume buttons and select reboot normally with the power button.
3. Wait for the reboot to complete and retest.

Boot into safe mode
Some Galaxy S7 users have found that it is an app causing the buttons to become unresponsive. To address this, simply boot into safe mode.

1. Press the power button and select Power off.
2. Hold down the buttons to access safe mode.
3. Uninstall any recently installed apps and retest.
4. Repeat app removal until the issue no longer appears.

While it might seem counterintuitive to use the volume or power buttons if they are being unresponsive, it does actually work. It seems that it’s the software side of things causing the issue rather than the buttons themselves. Rebooting or booting into safe mode is still possible despite the buttons seeming useless. One of these reboots usually fixes the issue too.