Fortnite Battle Royale - Changes in Game with Season 5


Epic is always changing the map and the game with frequent updates. This time, they have made some changes in the game that players usually don’t notice. These changes may or may not help you in playing the game but they are worth knowing:
New Victory Royale Screen:
Now with the new update, getting the first place just became a little cooler. The banner of victory royale has a new look and even comes with some minor animations in lighting. Also, now confetti rains from the sky! Another awesome change that victory royale has got is that once the final kill is made, everything will start to move in slow motion for a brief moment and then it will transition into victory screen.

Improvements in UI:
Now with the season 5 update, you will notice something different with the UI both inside the game and in the menu. You will notice that all the moving sliders and text have some softness to them, this is an additional smoothness that wasn’t present before. This will happen at the end of the game when you are collecting materials and the progress bar for season level and your challenges increase.
No More Matchmaking Cancellation:
Before the update of season 5, if you hit the home button in consoles while you are in a queue, it would cancel the matchmaking process. But, with the update, a small change has been brought that reverses this. Now your queue will be intact even if you hit the home button.

Underwater View:
Another change that would really benefit players is this one. Before the update, players were unable to see underwater. Whenever a player tries to crouch underwater to get a peek underneath, it always results in a failure. But, a hidden change that the season 5 has brought is that it has enabled players to see through the water if they point their camera below the level of the water. This will help you in gathering the loot that falls in ponds of Dusty Divot or Loots Lake and it will also help you see any downed enemies that are crawling away.

No More Save and Exit:
As the skins and outfits continued to become more complicated, Epic added a Save & Exit button whenever you go to get a new cosmetic item or skin. What it really did is that it became a redundant step where players often forgot the select the save and exit button and would leave with the same skin they entered with. But, with the season 5, that option is gone and now you can just simply select an outfit or a skin and it will be applied to your character automatically.

So these are some of the changes that the season 5 has brought in the game. It is imperative that you should be aware of these small things as these things can benefit you in some way.