How Can I Change My Registered Mobile Number in Facebook?

Adding mobile number to your Facebook profile provides added functionality like text message updates and activity notifications. Registering mobile number on Facebook also helps at the time of password recovery and for easier account logins. But all the above only function properly if you are using a running and working mobile number.

In case you have discarded your number and have purchased a new one, you should also update the new number on your Facebook account.

If you want to change your registered mobile number on Facebook, you must follow the described steps:

    ■On your browser, open
    ■On the Facebook’s welcome screen that opens up, login using your details.
    ■On the homepage of your profile, click the settings button (resembles a gear symbol) located on the notifications tab.
    ■From the drop-down list that appears, click the Settings option.

    ■On the General Accounts Settings page that opens up, select Mobile from the categories present in the left pane.

    ■On the Mobile Settings page, under Your phones section, click the Add another mobile phone number link.

    ■On the Please re-enter your password box that opens up, enter your password to confirm your actions, click Submit.

    ■On the Activate Facebook Texts window that appears, select your country/region and your mobile carrier from the respective fields.
    ■Click Next to continue.

10. On the new window that opens up, input the confirmation code that you will receive on your new number.

As soon as you will enter the confirmation code, your mobile number will be registered with Facebook. If you do not receive the confirmation code immediately, please wait for some while. Once you receive the code, come back to the same Mobile section under the Settings page of your Facebook account, and input the confirmation code to finalize the registration process.

If you want, you can now remove (disassociate) your old mobile number from your Facebook account in case it is no longer in use.
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