How Can I Keep My Facebook Profile From Being Searched by People?

On Facebook you can choose to remain unavailable for people, other than your friends by choosing not to appear on the searches made on Facebook or any other search engine. Facebook provides this granular customization and can be implemented by changing the preferences of your account in order to remain invisible to searches.

To keep your Facebook profile from being searched by others, you must make the following changes in your Facebook settings:

    ■On your favorite browser, open
    ■On the Facebook’s welcome screen, login in with your details.
    ■On your main page, click the gear symbol situated at the top right corner of the screen.
    ■On the drop-down that appears, select Settings.

    ■On the settings page that opens up, select Privacy from the available categories in the left pane.

    ■On the Privacy Settings and Tools page, under the Who can look me up, one by one click the Edit link representing the Who can look you up using the email address you provided and Who can look you up using the mobile number you have provided options
    ■From the expanded interface of each, use the drop-down list and set the scope to Friends.
    ■On the same section, click Edit representing the Do you want other search engines to link to your timeline option.
    ■From the expanded interface, uncheck the Let other search engines link to your timeline checkbox.

Once you have made changes in your settings, you will not be visible in the searches made by other users on Facebook if they try to find you using your email address, cellphone number or through other search engines.
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