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  1. K

    Resetted windows Still has virus

    I have some type of virus on my computer where it crashes every search engine/browser and after buying a new hard drive and resetting windows multiple times, I STILL have the problem!! What could be causing this and how can i get rid of it??
  2. C

    Solved! How can I change default search enginge to on android? Please and thank you.

    change default search engine on android to
  3. H

    How do I stop Yahoo from hijacking my Chrome search engine

    When I hopped on my computer yesterday, I opened Chrome and noticed that Yahoo was hijacking my search engine, and anything I searched went to yahoo. I went to the search engine settings and disabled yahoo, and what do you know, Yahoo still was hijacking my search bar. This is what keeps...
  4. T

    Phone setting issues

    My Samsung S7 edge has different settings for everything the screen is different and even the search engine is different. There haven't been any recent updates. I want to get my phone back to how it was before, Please help.
  5. J

    Solved! am not getting any link sites from torrentz search engine?

    am not getting any link sites ,while opening search engine for any requirments
  6. K

    Search Engine for Closed Captioning

    Does anyone know of an offline app where I can search the closed captioning of shows of videos on my HDD? I see videos created where apparently the show's scripts were combed through to create new content. Like a closed caption search engine. I need an offline one. I can't afford an online...
  7. F

    PERMANENTLY remove Yahoo from Firefox

    Firefox has somehow made Yahoo it's default search engine. Replacing it in Firefox's menu only works until Firefox is reloaded then your using Yahoo. Using about:config then searching for Yahoo then deleting or moding key values didn't work either. How do you terminate the Firefox-Yahoo...
  8. thegamersite1

    Google Keeps Switching to Bing

    So, I been having this issue for the past month. I doesn't happen quite often but when it does it constantly does it. When I search something on Google it automatically switches to Bing. It's annoying and I can't even fix it. I tried looking for any weird program on Control Panel, but there is...
  9. K

    Text messages from private phone number

    I keep receiving unwanted, malicious texts on my IPhone and while there is a phone number that is attached to it, when I try to look it up in a search engine, it comes back as private. When I call it back there is a voicemail that says something like, “It’s good to hear from you just leave me...
  10. H

    Google chrome cannot change default search engine.

    I could not change my google chrome search engine because I somehow downloaded a "virus" or something that made me not being able to change the search engine. Ive tried searching the virus using malwarebytes and windows defender and it couldnt find the virus. Somehow the search engine has be set...
  11. T

    i have given up....

    Hi, I guess the titles is clear enough and will let you know how im feeling. It's been a year since stupid irritating Yahoo has hijakced my google chorme url search bar, and i have tried everything; literally every possible solution to get rid of it.. but NOTHING! I got rid of it once and i was...
  12. D

    Unable to detect and remove SearchSixty/Search60 search engine in Chrome

    Greetings, Whenever I launch chrome, I start on the default Google homepage, but whenever I type something in and hit enter, I get redirected to, although my default search engine was set to Google. I attempted to change the default address bar search engine but the option to do...
  13. tarmiricmi

    App to copy whole web site with all scripts etc.

    Hi, I'm trying to offline copy complete website in order to use it when I don't have Internet access. I have tried various programs but they can't copy the site because of its structure. I am not into HTML but I guess the programs can't copy the search engine and its database (probably the...
  14. G

    How to Remove Your Medical Records from Google Search

    Medical records join the list of data Google may remove from its search results. Here's how to make sure your private data gets removed. How to Remove Your Medical Records from Google Search : Read more
  15. E

    Cant remove initialsite123

    I cant remove initialsite123 from my standard search engine. It keeps poppin up when I removed it. I've tried so many different malware programs but they all failed to locate it. Anyone can help me?
  16. S

    The virus...

    Right so as the title entails I've obtained this little ah heck known as the searchings virus, essentially its a virus like search engine that has latched onto my Chrome. I've tried everything to get rid of it from deleting search engines in the chrome settings to scanning my pc with over 4...
  17. Euler98gr

    Undetectable malware adware

    i'm infected with malware that seems to pop up ad windows at random times and my homepage has on the upper left corner a secure search window which gets me to a search engine.Have tried every malware possible without success also msconfig shows no suspicious services running neither...
  18. L

    space suddenly filled my C drive

    My Hard drive disk is full. When only Days ago it had enough space to sit yacht in between the end of the bar and the space i'd used already. I have tried deleting system restore points, deleting everything but necessary files. There is 0 space left, so i can't download a space search engine...
  19. J

    Need help search engine malware alibaba/about/facebook/qoo10

    heloo everyone! I really need help, everytime i search something using google the top result always from are no anoying pop up or anything else. It only happen with chrome,everything normal with firefox,i already tried resetting the...
  20. R

    I cant get rid of Safefinder...

    I tried deleting the app from my programs but it did nothing, i tried to see if there is any file in my program files connected to the finder but i couldnt find anything and i also reset all my chrome settings.I dont really trust programs that can get rid of it so if someone has a manual...
  21. M

    Malware infested in Google Chrome. Double search bar popping up

    I want to start off saying that I am your typical above par computer enthusiast. I know how to fix any problem I come across 100% of the time but this one is sneaky. It's some sort of malware which infested itself within my google chrome browser. Basically, the way it works is whenever i click...
  22. D

    How to remove search engine from chrome ? I tried everything !!!

    Hi guys, As you can guess, I can't remove this "malware",it's so annoying and I don't know how to remove it even if I tried during hours.... I read EVERYTHING about it on internet. it looks like deleting the registry.pol is the magic key but here's the thing... I'm TOTALLY unable to locate...
  23. H

    Hao123 Wont Be Removed

    I have an extension that got into my Chrome, I don't know when or how but its called Hao123 and advertises itself as a search engine, every time I open Chrome it appears in another tab. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome twice now, and both times it has come back. It doesn't appear in my...
  24. B

    Solved! Search Engine not working

    My search engine Microsoft Edge will not load any website. Just keeps showing "Hmm, we can't reach this page". However my internet is connected.
  25. M

    Browsers infected with malware

    So out of nowhere my browsers became infected with custom search engine and reinstalled my browsers(chrome and mozilla) but nothing happened,not even windows defender didn't find anything.What can I do beside reinstalling windows?
  26. S

    How do I get rid of the "Smart Search" virus?

    So I was recently infected with a virus. I managed to get rid of all the popups it gave me by running multiple scans which deleted most of them, however I still have this smart search virus. No matter what I try I still can't get rid of it. I am using Firefox, and I go into the settings and...
  27. S

    screen flashing black when opening "google"

    screen flashes in all google-related apps/website. initially i only thought its google chrome problem, screen flashing every second, uninstall it. use firefox browsing for answer, use google as search engine, screen flashes again. to confirm its due to "google", i try open google related...
  28. S

    Alternatives to Bing or Google ?

    I used Google for a long time, and now Bing the last few yrs . Both of them give me less and less results for what i'm looking for , and more and more results trying to sell me something related to my search. Can anyone recommend alternatives to google and bing that will give me more results...
  29. J

    [SOLVED] Malware chrome search engine

    Hello everyone! As the title says, my chrome installation is infected with a strange malware search engine. Its name is ">" and I'm totally unable to delete it or at least set google to be the default. Screenshot: I've already tired: - Using HitmanPro - Using Malwarebytes - Using Windows...
  30. X

    Please Help - Google Chrome Search Engine

    Okay, so no matter how many times I change the settings in Chrome, it keeps changing it back. Somehow my search engine was switched to some annoying Websearch bulls*** and I can't get rid of it for the life of me. I've tried CCleaner, Malwarebytes and some other programs, I've tried switching...
  31. S

    Cant remove omniboxes search engine

    I've been hit with the infamous omniboxes homepage hijacker. I've uninstalled it from my computer I've run hitman pro to remove it And I've reset the settings on my google chrome. On google chrome, while the homepage is now fine, whenever I search in google, it takes me to the omniboxes...
  32. I

    programs installs itself

    many programs installs itself randomly like smart web , gamesdesktop , cinema plus, smart search engine , wanjyam , health plus and many more... so are they virus or something else?? and plzzz tell me solution how to stop their installation and are they cause of slowdown pc??
  33. StormKitsune

    Does anyone know how to get rid of a thing called Cassiopesa? Don't know what it is, but it is messing with my search engine.

    I recently downloaded something from the internet, and soon after this thing called Cassiopesa started showing up when I look anything up. By this point, I cannot search nor use any apps. I think cassiopesa is a browser virus, but I don't know how to get rid of it. Any help?
  34. R

    Can't Connect to Any Search Engine but Bing

    I can connect to the internet, and if I use a bookmark or type an address into the address bar, I can get the site I want. Bing works, but no other search engine works... if the URL has "google" in the title, I get a unable to connect error. I removed Soluto and Pokki that got placed on the...
  35. I

    Search engine on Google Chrome's Address Bar Hijacked

    I've been having this issue for quite a while now, but no matter how many antivirus scans I run, I still have this error. The address bar for Chrome, is, by default, set to Google Search. But for some reason, when I search a keyword, I get automatically rerouted to Yahoo Search. In my settings...
  36. Marshall Honorof

    How To Download or Delete Your Google Search History

    Google can provide you (and only you) with a personal, downloadable record if your searches if you know where to look. How To Download or Delete Your Google Search History : Read more
  37. R

    How to remove search engine from chrome

    The issue am facing is search engine has hijacked my chrome browser. Actually i fixed changing my home page but could not change the search engine . when i click the safe search engine a pop up shows it is privileged by administrator. also i tried to remove it in built in...
  38. nebulasurfer

    Site Not on Google - Desperate Search Engine Optimisation Help?

    I never thought trying to build a decent website was so damn difficult. I've been using GoDaddy's Search Engine Visibility suite to try and maximise exposure for my website, yet even now if you try to Google 'Friends on Kik', being the name of the website, not even that very explicit search will...
  39. F

    why does the search engine on my laptop say

    The proxy server settings wont chang Every time I try to connect to the internet explorer browser it has error message
  40. D

    Can't remove!!!!!!

    Hi! I have gotten this virus called isearch-omigaplus. It is a search engine which tracks my info and send to 3rd party sources, it slows down my pc, and whenever I click on a page, random adcash advertisements pop-up! I have tried the following: - delete isearch from google chrome as first...
  41. W

    Can't chang Bing Default Search Engine on Asus x205

    I've tried the steps here "How to Change the Default Search Engine on Microsoft Surface" but the default search engine STILL doesn't change. I am pretty computer savvy so I followed the steps without error or omissions.
  42. A

    How to Make DuckDuckGo Your Default Search Engine in OS X Yosemite

    DuckDuckGo is far from the most well-known search engine, but it is fast and efficient, and worth trying out if you are using Mac’s new OS X Yosemite update. Use the steps below to make DuckDuckGo your default search engine in Yosemite. Step 1 First, make sure you have installed the Yosemite...
  43. F

    Ask, mysearch and Delta Search problem!!!!

    Hi there. Since ever I built my PC and install google chrome I have been having problems with those search engines. Whenever I open google chrome or internet explorer there appear 4 different tabs with different search engines. I went to uninstall them but they were not there. I also tried to...
  44. R

    How to Upload Documents to Google Drive

    With Google Drive, you can create and store documents online rather than on your hard drive, which makes all files on Google Drive portable and accessible from any computer. Documents can be created via Google Drive or uploaded from your computer. To learn how to upload documents to Google...
  45. tomsguideUS

    How to Change the Default Search Engine on Microsoft Surface

    The Microsoft Surface is a great piece hardware that does a lot well. Searching the Internet isn't one of those things. Given the fact that the Surface is a Microsoft product, it’s not surprising that the default search engine on the device is Microsoft’s own Bing. But if you want to use the...
  46. viveknayyar007

    Manage Search Engine in Safari in iOS 11

    Safari, the default web browser in your iOS 11 device, uses Google as its default search engine. Although Google being one of the leading search engines across the planet can be the best platform to search stuff online, you may have a different preference. Fortunately in iOS 11 you to pick your...
  47. E

    What exactly does Auslogics DiscDefrag 3.4.0 (newest to date) install?

    Hi all, I just installed (and subsequently uninstalled) DiscDefrag 3.4.0 (iirc the ver. no) and it installed some random crap. It changed my default search engine etc. Now, I can easily undo these things ofc, but after a bit of searching on the web, i found that auslogics installed things...
  48. G

    How to Make Google Forget You

    European citizens with something to hide can now petition Google to remove search results pertaining to their names. Here's how. How to Make Google Forget You : Read more
  49. viveknayyar007

    How Can I Keep My Facebook Profile From Being Searched by People?

    On Facebook you can choose to remain unavailable for people, other than your friends by choosing not to appear on the searches made on Facebook or any other search engine. Facebook provides this granular customization and can be implemented by changing the preferences of your account in order to...
  50. X

    Mysearchdial and Nengine

    Over the past few weeks I have had a few issues with my machine. Crashes mostly. Anyways, while on the hunt for the problem I have managed to grab at least two viruses. One is mysearchdial which is a toolbar for browsers. I looked around for ways to remove it but he is nowhere to be found on my...
  51. T

    Which is the best?

    What's the best laptop for a Search Engine Optimiser for Explorer and Google? I am looking for an i7; Is this okay, I would prefer Intel?
  52. D

    Price and product search engines for laptops in the USA?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a good product (laptop) search engine for merchants in the USA. I know that there is but when I for example set filters for a price range from 585$ to 845$, which should be round about 450€ to 650€, and add 17" or lager I only get 4...
  53. R

    Trying to search LAN files from android

    I found a search function only with ES File Explorer, but after entering a second letter in the search field it stops searching. Is there other app that supports access to LAN files and also searching option?
  54. C

    [URGENT]Boolean conjunction search engine question

    I got stuck in my computer course question, please help!!1 In a search engine using the "Boolean conjunction" model, suppose: (a) searching _information_ returns 10000 pages; (b) searching _information literacy_ returns 2000 pages; and (c) searching _literacy_ returns 8000 pages. How many...
  55. JMcEntegart

    10 Great Google Features You're Not Using

    Learn about ten cool things you can do at other than search. 10 Great Google Features You're Not Using : Read more
  56. X

    default tab virus

    I recently got this virus somehow and everytime a press new tab on chrome, some weird bing search engine pops up. i disabled it, uninstalled it, but it still comes up! some one HELP ME D:
  57. exfileme

    Yahoo! Finally Shutting AltaVista Down on July 8

    Yahoo! is shutting down AltaVista for good on July 8. Yahoo! Finally Shutting AltaVista Down on July 8 : Read more
  58. JMcEntegart

    Google Lays Out Plans to Combat Child Porn

    Google has posted an update on its activities to combat child pornography. Google Lays Out Plans to Combat Child Porn : Read more
  59. exfileme

    Blekko Attempts to Change The Way You Search Again

    Blekko has a cool new way of categorizing search results. Blekko Attempts to Change The Way You Search Again : Read more
  60. exfileme

    Search Conversation Arrives in Chrome; Fullscreen on Mobile

    Google Now voice "conversational" search has arrived in Chrome 27. Search Conversation Arrives in Chrome; Fullscreen on Mobile : Read more