Please Help - Google Chrome Search Engine


Jun 2, 2015
Okay, so no matter how many times I change the settings in Chrome, it keeps changing it back.
Somehow my search engine was switched to some annoying Websearch bulls*** and I can't get rid of it for the life of me. I've tried CCleaner, Malwarebytes and some other programs, I've tried switching Chrome back to default (this brought back some more "viruses", like now my homepage was snapdo or something...).

So yeah, no matter what I do my search engine keeps changing to Websearch, while I want it to be Google, can someone please help me?
first look under add/remove programs for any new tool bars or programs. most newer trojains and malware drop a program first that reloads itself after you reboot and do a scan of the system. then open crome look under add on/extions like firefox you see that the toolbar help is installed there. some times you have to go into advance editing of crome/firefox to remove that adware crap.