How Can I Remove The Lock Screen From My Samsung Tablet?

How Can I Remove The Lock Screen From My Samsung Tablet?

Protecting your tablet or mobile from unauthorized use is very necessary. This is best accomplished with the help of the excellent lock features available in your device. Android devices come with a variety of lock systems that prevent the unknown users from gaining the access of your device, and misusing the information available in it. Using the right lock system helps in making the devices less vulnerable to the unauthorized users, thus protecting them completely. The lock features not only safeguard the information present in the tablet/mobile, but also avoid hindrance in your privacy as well.

Sometimes a situation arises where your screen gets locked while you are looking up for some data or reading information. This becomes quite irritating and you want to deactivate the lock screen feature present in your tablet. There are basically two types of lock systems in the tablets.

  • Swipe lock which is a general screen locking feature. No extra information is required by the user to unlock the device, and just swiping the screen left to right can solve the purpose.
    Password, Pattern or PIN lock. The user is assumed to have some pre-information required while unlocking the screen.

Deactivating Swipe Lock
Removing a swipe, password or a PIN lock from your tablet/mobile is very easy. You just need to follow following steps:

  1. ■Firstly, click the Menu icon present on the home screen of the tablet.
    ■Now tap the Settings option from there.
    ■From the Settings window, tap the Lock Screen.
    ■If your tablet is locked by password, enter the password which is presently set to unlock the tablet. If it is locked by pattern, enter the present unlocking pattern or the PIN for unlocking the device.


    ■After providing the specified unlocking information, back on the previous screen, tap the None option to remove the unlocking method.


    ■Your screen lock should now be disabled.

With the help of process given above, you can easily disable the screen locks, hence removing any obstructions that may come while you are viewing an image or reading a text without interacting with the device.

Note: It is not recommended that you should disable the screen lock. If you get annoyed with it, it is better to increase the screen timeout delay instead. Although doing so will reduce the battery life, your device will remain protected from any unauthorized access and unwanted data theft.
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