Question Can't Log Into Samsung Tab S2 after hard reset - even though I know my Google account and password


Feb 16, 2016
My wife's Samsung Tab S2 was acting a little lethargic and charging slowly, so I did a hard reset on it in hope of bringing it back to life. We had never locked the tablet before, so imagine our surprise when (following the reset) the tablet was locked and required her to enter her Google account and password to unlock the tablet. She was having trouble remembering the password, so we reset it, and we can confirm that we can currently log into Google on other devices with the account name and new password... but the Samsung Tab keeps looping back over the "please sign in with your Google account".

We don't get any other message. If we enter an incorrect password, the tablet responds with an "incorrect password" message, so it is definitely checking on the Internet whether the Google account is correct or not.

Any ideas?

I should also add... if you forget your email you have the option to be identified by phone number. We enter my wife's phone number in the tablet, and it sends us a security code on the phone, after which we enter it in the tablet and are greeted with "Welcome Alison, your email is" (her current account name). We then enter the correct password, and it loops back to "please enter the account that was registered on this tablet".

In case people are wondering, we are the only owners of this tablet and we bought it new on Amazon two years ago.
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We cannot help to say 'bypass' the required password. However, sometimes devices will not work if you change the password in the middle of the reset. It is a flaw I have seen a few times.

I would suggest first you try just powering it off and then back on. Not hitting restart, but fully powering it off and then back on. Then try the account info. If it doesn't work then, repeat this process after a day. Sometimes the updated info is slow with Google.

Should it not work then, you will need to contact the manufacturer to get access, as with what I said above, we can't assist in any bypassing. It is against this sites rules.

Good Luck
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