How Do You Display Photos, Videos, and Songs on My TV Using Play on Roku

Since most of the users love to watch their media files from their mobile phones or tablet on the Roku TV, Roku launched the Play on Roku feature. You can now be able to choose the images, wallpapers, videos, music and other medial contents from your personal mobile phones and share it through the Play on Roku feature thereby viewing it at a bigger display.

You can display your personal media files on your TV screen by using the Play on Roku feature that is built in your Roku mobile app. Play on Roku also lets you share media files from your mobile device to Roku TV. You can choose the media to be displayed on the Roku TV from your phone. Here’s how to display photos, videos, and songs on your TV using the Play on Roku feature.

Play on Roku supports only the JPG and PNG image files, MP4, MOV, M4V for videos, MP3 and M4A for music files. Videos that are captured only through your mobile device is supported by the Play on Roku feature.

On Your Roku App
Step 1
Open the Roku Mobile app on your phone or the tablet.

Step 2
You can launch the Play on Roku by enabling that feature. This will show all the forms of media folder listed to be shared on your Roku TV. You can now select either ‘Music’ or ‘Photos’ to be shared on your Roku TV from you Roku mobile app. Now you can grant access to your library to share the media content with your Roku TV.

Step 3
On selection of the photos option, you can select either the photos from the camera, screenshots or wallpaper folder.

Step 4
The camera option when selected will list you the image files captured through your mobile camera. Select the image file to be displayed on your Roku TV

You can now successfully display photos, video, and songs on your Roku TV using Play on Roku.
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