How the Netflix Party Extension for Chrome Works and How to Install It

Netflix Party extension is a Chrome extension that lets you watch Netflix remotely. This extension synchronizes video playback and adds a group chat option that allows all the participants to talk to each other while they watch a movie/show together. Netflix Party is an ideal set up for individuals who do not want to watch a video alone. They can invite friends to join a binge session and enjoy together even when they are not in the same room.

In order to make Netflix Party work, you will need the Chrome browser and the Netflix Part extension downloaded in your Chrome. This extension needs the desktop version of Chrome and is not supported in the mobile version. Following are the steps to install Netflix Party on your Chrome and enjoy your favorite shows with your long distance family and friends.

Step 1
Open the 'Chrome Web Store'
On your Chrome Browser, open the 'Web Store' and search for 'Netflix Party'.

Step 2
Install 'Netflix Party'
Install the 'Netflix Party' extention on the browser. You should see an 'NP logo' on your browser after successful installation.

Step 3
Click on ‘Start the Party’
Click on the ‘NP logo’ to open a drop down list. Click on ‘Start the Party’.

Step 4
Shareable Link
This will give you a link that you need to share with your friends.

Step 5
Check ‘Only I have Control’ Option
Also, tick the ‘Only I have Control’ option to keep the controls like pausing, rewinding, etc with you.

Step 6
Click the 'NP logo' to exit party
If you want to hide the chat window or exit the party, click on the 'NP logo' at any time during viewing.

That’s it. This is how simple it is to install Netflix Party and enjoy movies and shows with your loved ones who live in another city and even another country for that matter.
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