How to Add Channels to Your Roku Streaming Device

You can add secret, or non-certified, or private channels to your Roku. You can also add official channels. The official channels are the ones installed from Roku channel store. Such channels can be added using a PC, smartphone, or Roku device.

The secret or private channels are not listed in the channel store, and you need a certain code to activate them using a PC or a smartphone. Your Roku device cannot help you gain access to these. Once the private channels are added, you can view them through your Roku device.

1. Adding A Roku Channel Using Your Smartphone

The Roku Mobile App is instrumental in adding channels on your TV. Using the app installed on your smartphone, open your account. Make sure you have linked it with the Roku device you are using. Touch the "Channels" icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.

To add the channels you want, tap "Channel Store’" in the right top corner of your screen. Browse through the available channels by genre or category. Select any channel listed to read more information about it. If you know the channel you want to add, click on "Search" at the top-right corner of your screen, and then tap "Add Channel".

2. Add a Channel Using Your Laptop Or PC
First, log in to your personal account and tap "Channel Store". Scroll Roku’s channel categories. They run from the left to right of your screen, and you can select any channel you wish. The displayed channels will show whether they have and "Add Channel" option, or if they are already installed. Once you see a preferred channel, you can click on "Add Channel", or tap the details section to learn more about it.

You can also use the search box to add a channel using the Roku device. All the channels you add using your laptop or PC will automatically show up on your Roku device. Note that there could be some delay before the channel is displayed. You are at liberty to use either your PC, smartphone, or laptop to add channels, as well as finding out if any of your preferred channels are installed on your Roku device.

Enjoy the new channels regardless of the method used!
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