How to Add Variety to a Pandora Station

Pandora is an Internet radio which saves your browsing behavior and uses it to create a personalized list of music for you. It also allows you to create stations so that it will be easier to browse your favorite music according to genre or artist. Aside from detecting your browsing behavior, you can also add seeds or variety to further help the app identify your song or music preferences. Here is how you add variety or seed to a Pandora station.

1. First, launch the Pandora app on your phone first. Then tap the Stations tab found on the top part of your screen. If you are on the Now Playing screen, you can access the Stations page by tapping the back arrow found at the upper left corner of your phone.

2. Choose any station you want to edit and tap the three dots beside it to access the context menu. From the list, tap Add Variety and type the name of the song, the artist, or songwriter you want. Pandora will automatically add the songs or music which contains the variety or seeds you typed.


3. If you want to remove the variety or seeds from your station, simply tap and hold the name of the song or artist. Then, tap Delete to complete the action.