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    Solved! Samsung J2 W/Pandora

    I have a Samsung J2 and when playing pandora it will randomly stop playing and then later it will just start playing again without me ever touching the phone. But once it starts playing I check it for notifications, calls, or anything else that could have caused the pause; nothing. Though, the...
  2. J

    Solved! How to transfer music from internal storage to an SD card for an Android smartphone

    I use mostly Pandora premium, you tube music soundcloud, and Google play
  3. A

    Solved! Pandora appears to be playing, though the play bar under the album icon does not register any movement. However, no sound. New

    I have a brand new Samsung UHD 65" … loaded Pandora and it seems to be playing according to the "dot icon" at the top of the page, however the bar under the album icon does not move and there is NO SOUND. Tried everything the e-manual gives, but nothing. Also, have the "insufficient bandwidth"...
  4. F

    Onkyo NR717 Doesn't Show NET Screen on TV

    I hooked up my Onkyo NR717 yesterday and it was working showed up and I connected to Pandora and played mucic with no issue. Went to turn it on this morning and hit net and everything was frozen. Couldn't move through the menu or anything. Turned it off and on and not the NET menu...
  5. L

    I stream Netflix, hulu, youtube & pandora on my tv. I also have an antenna for live tv. I have my sound bar hooked up with an

    Help with RCA sound bar audio issue
  6. W

    Pandora missing from lg 55uk6300pue how to add pandora

    Just got this tv and can't add pandora
  7. W

    Solved! Save pandora music to SD on LG Rebel

    I've got a LG Rebel Android 7.0 and keep setting up in the Pandora App AND phone setting for it to save to the SD which, is a SanDisk Ultra 32GB and the Mod edit: keep it clean please keeps saving to the internal memory which is only 16GB.... GRRRR!!!.. Everyone keeps telling me well, you've...
  8. D

    Solved! sound bar not working

    I have my Polk sound bar connected to my computer. I want to be able to play Pandora music on my computer to use the sound bar I have a Blue tooth adapter on my computer and it worked fine for a week or so. Now I get a note that says that the sound bar is not connected. I checked all the...
  9. J

    Android 7.1.1 I want to move the Pandora app and downloaded music to my SD card

    I thought all my downloads were going to my SD card, but they were not. I want to move ONLY music and videos to the SD card. I thought I moved the Pandora app, but cant get previously downloaded music to move to the SD card. I have not done movies or anything like that yet, I thought I would...
  10. L

    How do I connect my pandora to my LG smart TV?

    Is it possible to use pandora with a LG Smart TV?
  11. D

    Looking to play Pandora from my wireless speaker

    Looking to play Pandora from my wireless speaker I can play it from my iPhone
  12. M

    I Play music from Pandora through my Ipad which is Bluetooth connected to my reciever for the music inside my house. (linked t

    Bluetooth dual paring speakers from an Ipad.
  13. henrytcasey

    What’s the Best Music Service for You?

    Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Pandora, Google and Amazon all offer tons of music, but picking the right service comes down to what makes each one unique. What’s the Best Music Service for You? : Read more
  14. D

    Pandora for Business Mood Media with Pyle PCAU48BT Amplifier

    Hi. New to the community. I have had zero luck finding any help on this anywhere, so I thought I would try asking on some forums. My office has the Pandora for Business Mood Media device. It's all hooked up and we have a subscription, so that part of it is good to go. I bought a bluetooth...
  15. henrytcasey

    Pandora Premium vs Spotify Unlimited: How They Stack Up

    Pandora's finally handing over song selection to its users with a new Premium service, but it will be playing catch-up with Spotify in some areas. Pandora Premium vs Spotify Unlimited: How They Stack Up : Read more
  16. J

    BT 200 Pandora

    I have been playing Pandora on my Panasonic BT200 home theater for several years. It stopped working and after contacting Panasonic and Pandora, I found out what happened. Pandora updated their software and Panasonic has chosen not to create a patch so that the BT200 would work because it is...
  17. G

    Samsung smart TV says player network is not connected but was just connected days ago (e.g., Pandora).

    None of my apps on my Samsung Smart TV are working all of a sudden. I receive a network error message saying to check the player network connection. I changed the DNS settings as previously prescribed. to no avail.
  18. C

    Onkyo receiver doesn't seem to be connected to Internet. How do I check?

    Can't connect to Pandora
  19. TheArtista

    Final Pandora Hope IV - onboard, DAC or soundcard ?

    Hello!, I have a pair of "Final Pandora Hope IV" headphones, and i'm currently in the process of updating my PC, and since i don't understand much about audio i'm wondering if i should get a dedicated sound card like the Creative Omni or the Z versions (or other brand/model), or a DAC, or just...
  20. S

    listen without interruption

    Anyway to listen to Pandora via another blutooth device other then my phone. I listen at home through my TV's soundbar....but my phone rings & the music stops. Any suggestions?
  21. M

    Dell Inspiron Pandora 14 7447 Gpu Memory clock

    Good day sirs, I have a question on my Laptop's Gpu Memory speed Here is MY QUESTION. - I saw Acer and Asus with similar gpu (GDDR3)has their "Memory Data Rate: 2002 MHz" - While mine and other review has ours at "Memory Data Rate: 1800 MHz" What is the reason why only 1800 instead of 2002...
  22. K

    Receiver and speaker set up for buisness

    Hi guys, I work at a landscaping company and we sell plant material indoor and outdoors at our business. My boss has asked me to try and find a set up we can hook up in the shop. ( A receiver i presume. Unless there is something else?) That we can play music on indoors and outdoors. So I am also...
  23. H

    How to play Pandora on my wireless speaker and on my IMAC at the same time.

    How to play 2 outputs at the same time with IMAC
  24. K

    steaming through my receiver

    I have a receiver that I stream pandora through. but it's kind of a pain to navigate through through the receiver. if I added a 13" tv to . Would pandora show on the monitor and would I be able to navigate through the tv even though it's steaming through my receiver?
  25. S

    Does Dell really have a bad service? even as of today? April 2015

    Hi. I'm looking for a laptop to use for college. Soo far what I found for my budget is the Dell Inspiron 14" 7447 (Pandora) Quad-core i7-4710HQ, GTX 850M 4GB vram, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM. (For some reason I cannot find this laptop on Dell's website which is another reason I'm doubtful of getting...
  26. F

    Choosing a receiver

    Hi! I am wanting to purchase a receiver solely for the purpose of music listening. I want to hook a phono up and then stream from Spotify and Pandora. I have a pair of Sony SSF 5000 floor standing speakers. I want to spend about $300. I was thinking about the Yamaha R-S300BL but it doesn't...
  27. S

    Wireless speaker recommendations for 1000 SF yoga/so dance studio space.

    I stream music from pandora. Do not need interface or airplay. Music level does not need to exceed moderate listening level. Floor placement. Does not need to be portable or outdoor. If price is exorbinant, can use one wired speaker. Thank you!
  28. G

    How to Add Variety to a Pandora Station

    Pandora is an Internet radio which saves your browsing behavior and uses it to create a personalized list of music for you. It also allows you to create stations so that it will be easier to browse your favorite music according to genre or artist. Aside from detecting your browsing behavior, you...
  29. G

    How to Set Up Pandora on a Pebble Smartwatch

    Pebble is a smartwatch that works with both iOS and Android. You can also install Pandora on it and listen to countless of music. Here's how to add Pandora to your Pebble smartwatch. 1. First, install Pandora on your phone and create an account. You will get an activation code which you will...
  30. G

    How to Create a Station in Pandora

    Pandora is an Internet radio which allows you to personalize your music based on the songs and music genres you search. All you have to do is type the name of the song or artist you want on the search bar and it will give song suggestions similar to your searches. Aside from that, it also allows...
  31. G

    How to Set Up Pandora on a Mobile Device

    Pandora is a private Internet radio service created by the Music Genome Project to analyze and find similarities between a number of songs. It is both available in iOS and Android devices as well as on the web. Through this app, you have access to thousands of songs for free as long as you have...
  32. S

    through my 103 oppo pandora skips, oppo claims its not the 103 pandora claims its oppo Verizon claims its not this problem sta

    Constant skipping only on Pandora through my oppo 103. I have been in contact with oppo in the end they say it isn't the oppo Pandora said its oppo, Verizon said my Internet is ok, all rebuts have been done, sometimes it will play for 20 or 30min, sometimes it skips constantly, do you have an...
  33. D

    Looking for a controllable media player

    I am pulling my hair out looking for a box with simple analog audio out which supports services such as Pandora, Rhapsody and Spotify, and allows full interaction via something like Upnp or some sort of JSON interface. So far, the closest I have found (without spending $$$$$) is an XBMC box...
  34. JMcEntegart

    Pandora Ditching 40 Hour Limit for Mobile

    No more worrying about going over the limit. Pandora Ditching 40 Hour Limit for Mobile : Read more
  35. exfileme

    ASCAP Trying to Block Pandora's Radio Station Acquisition

    Pandora's acquisition is a royalty bargaining chip and won't benefit the locals, claims ASCAP. ASCAP Trying to Block Pandora's Radio Station Acquisition : Read more
  36. J

    Help setting up wireless speakers to play Pandora through BluRay player.

    Hello, I am fairly new to home wireless networking and audio setups. I recently added a wireless router that I connected to our cable modem upstairs so that we can connect various wireless devices throughout the house. Downstairs, we currently have a BluRay player hooked up physically to an...
  37. NduPlessis

    Windows Phone 8 Gets Official Pandora App

    Pandora App released for Windows Phone 8; incorporates better integration and one year ad-free experiences. Windows Phone 8 Gets Official Pandora App : Read more
  38. exfileme

    No More Free Unlimited Streaming for Pandora Mobile

    Pandora is cutting your mobile streaming time down to 40 hours per month thanks to increasing royalties demanded by record labels. No More Free Unlimited Streaming for Pandora Mobile : Read more
  39. exfileme

    Spotify Going After Pandora With Radio Service

    Spotify is working on a radio station service here in the States to better compete with Pandora and even Slacker Radio. Spotify Going After Pandora With Radio Service : Read more
  40. exfileme

    Pandora Open-Source Netbook/Console Arrives Next Month

    The Linux-based, open-source netbook-handheld console hybrid called Pandora is finally shipping after four years in development. Pandora Open-Source Netbook/Console Arrives Next Month : Read more
  41. exfileme

    Pandora Launches HTML5 Player, Removes Limit

    Pandora has launched a slick new HTML5 interface that includes a button for sharing stations on Twitter and Facebook, and unlimited music streaming. Pandora Launches HTML5 Player, Removes Limit : Read more
  42. exfileme

    U.S. Gov. Probing Pandora Radio, App Devs

    Pandora and numerous other app developers have received a subpoena relating to a federal investigation into how private data is possibly collected and transmitted. U.S. Gov. Probing Pandora Radio, App Devs : Read more
  43. tuanmai

    App Makers Sued Over Secret Tracking

    Apple and several other app makers such as Pandora and, were sued for "secretly" helping advertisers create profiles of iPhone users without their permission. App Makers Sued Over Secret Tracking : Read more
  44. exfileme

    Google Unveils Pandora-Type Service for YouTube

    YouTube Leanback essentially allows viewers to lean back and watch a continuous stream of videos as if watching TV. Google Unveils Pandora-Type Service for YouTube : Read more
  45. G

    2 New Internet Radios: Grace Vs. Squeezebox

    Now that Internet radio is totally mainstream (think Pandora and, we compared two of the newest and most advanced Internet radio models. 2 New Internet Radios: Grace Vs. Squeezebox : Read more
  46. Marcus Yam

    'Avatar' Viewers Going Into Pandora Withdrawl

    Are you left depressed and suicidal after watching Avatar? 'Avatar' Viewers Going Into Pandora Withdrawl : Read more
  47. R

    Livio Radio w/ Pandora

    Hi, I just got a Livio Radio and I wanted to know if anyone has one and if it works for them? I know I should have gotten opinions before I bought it but still would like to know what people think of it before I recommend it to my friends. The things that I liked about the radio was it has...
  48. G

    Music Royalties Could Kill Pandora

    Oakland (CA) - Escalating music royalties could put Internet darling, Pandora, out of business. Music Royalties Could Kill Pandora : Read more