How to Align Text Diagonally in Excel

MS Excel is MS Office application packages’ spreadsheet editor. MS Excel is one of the most commonly used applications for handling data spread-sheets. The Excel spread sheets are the documents that you will sooner or later switch into, for your domestic, office or organization’s use. This miraculous program has many mathematical, statistical, and sorting functions that can be implemented on the spread sheets, and in turn processes the data to arrange them according to any desired format and category.

MS Excel also has some features and functionalities that are quite useful when implemented in the spread-sheet document. The program has some really efficient formatting and orientation options that can make the document easy for editing and viewing. All you need to have is proper information and knowledge to do so.

Suppose you want to align a text diagonally facing the north-east direction. You may want to do so in order to allow the document to give a more organized and managed look and feel.

If you wish to align the document diagonally, you must follow the below given instructions to do so.

    ■Initialize the MS Excel program using any account.

    ■Open the target spread sheet.

    ■On the sheet, select the text of row(s)/column(s) that is to be aligned diagonally.

    ■Upon selection, in the Alignment section of the ribbon, click the Orientation button.

    ■From the drop-down that appears, you can select either Rotate Text UP or Rotate Text Down.


    ■In order to specify a particular inclination angle manually, select Format Cell Alignment.

    ■On the Format Cells window, under the Alignment tab, in the Orientation
    section, enter 45 degrees in the Degrees input box.


    ■Hit OK to save the changes.

Once you do so, the selected text will get aligned diagonally. Do not forget to MERGE & CENTER the rows because the diagonal text will surely require some additional space to accommodate itself.


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