How to Build Bundles in a Gmail Inbox

The label feature in GMail was created to group messages and content that are similar to one another. There are some default settings to automatically bundle certain types of messages, but this can make an important email get lost in the content. Therefore, it is important to create your own bundles by following these steps.

Step 1:
The emails in your Google Inbox are bundled by the labels. The preset labels include Promos, Social, Updates, Finance, Purchases, Travel, Forums, Low Priority, and Custom Labels. To create a new bundle, you will want to create a custom label.

Step 2:
You can create a label using the main menu or directly from an email. From the main menu, choose create new. Create a name and click save. To do so from an opened email, select Move To and choose create new. Create the new label and save.

Step 3:
Once you have created a new type of label, then you can make bundles by selecting what type of emails to add to the label. To automatically add emails to a bundle, go to the main menu and select the label. Then, click the settings button. Click Add under the automatically add messages menu. Then, click the button for From, which will show a variety of filter criteria. You can create any type of filter criteria you wish. Click Save. You can also add emails yourself by clicking on Move To from an open email.

Step 4:
Now that you have created the label, you can turn on bundling by going to the main menu, selecting the label and clicking settings. Then, switch on the option for bundle messages in the inbox.