How to Clear Cookies in the Safari Web Browser

Cookies are everywhere and lots of sites use them, from the trusted to the not-so-reliable. There are of course many different types of cookies, and many are just there to help make a site that you use all the time easier to use: for example, to keep you logged in.

There are then of course the others – those that you did not agree to and may not be happy with at all. Though for many these are fairly unimportant, there are others that do not wish to be tracked. Either way you can clear them – though keep in mind that some sites do need them to provide their services. But if you want them gone, here is how you clear the cookies stored in the Safari browser.

1. Open Safari


Click on Safari and open it up – you do not need to be connected to the internet for this.

2. Go to Safari > Preferences and then choose Privacy


3. Here you can click to Remove ALL Website Data if you simply just want to clear everything.


4. Or click Details to see all the cookies stored on your machine


Here you can see all the websites that have cookies stored on your machine. It can be quite a long list that may surprise you.

5. Click “Remove All” or remove each individually

You can select them all one by one, but this can take some time, so it is probably easier to clear it all and then simply return to the sites that you are are willing to accept cookies from to get them back.

Note: You can always change your privacy settings to not prevent third-party cookies to avoid some tracking.