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  1. R

    How to Install a Web Browser on the Amazon Fire Stick

    Amazon Fire Stick has an extensive and wide range of features. Features like voice search and parental controls are widely appreciated. One of the highly spoken features is the ability of the Amazon Firestick to allow the installation of any web browser by the user on the device. Here is how you...
  2. G

    Windows 10 Bugs You to Try Edge Before Other Browsers

    Windows 10 version 1809, currently available to Windows Insiders, prompts users to give Edge a try before installing Chrome or Firefox. Windows 10 Bugs You to Try Edge Before Other Browsers : Read more
  3. henrytcasey

    Chrome's Huge 10th Birthday Redesign: Here Are the Best Features

    To celebrate 10 years of Chrome, Google's pushing out a new version packed with a redesigned interface, improved search box and more. Chrome's Huge 10th Birthday Redesign: Here Are the Best Features : Read more
  4. henrytcasey

    Here's When You'll See Chrome's New Look

    Google's finally bringing its Material Design aesthetic to Chrome, and now we know its release date, along with other new features. Here's When You'll See Chrome's New Look : Read more
  5. G

    Here's What the New Safari Will (and Won't) Do to Protect Your Privacy

    Apple's Safari browser will limit 'fingerprinting' and flag tracking cookies, but it won't take additional steps to protect your privacy. Here's What the New Safari Will (and Won't) Do to Protect Your Privacy : Read more
  6. henrytcasey

    New Chrome 67 Out Now: Password-Free Logins and More

    The latest version of Chrome adds AR and VR capabilities, allows you to log into websites without passwords, using biometric and USB tools. New Chrome 67 Out Now: Password-Free Logins and More : Read more
  7. M

    samsung smat tv series5 rejecting user name and password login to HIKVISION- DS-7108HI-Sseries net dvr

    The web browser opens up and allows me to enter my log in information. Each time I enter my user name and password I get a message regarding "user name or password is incorect I have confirmed by login in my laptop its working and see the footage remotely
  8. W

    See Who is Using My Netflix Account

    With multiple people sharing a Netflix account, privacy is a concern for all. For an account owner, knowing who has access to your Netflix subscription is important. This guide shows how to utilize one of the easiest features available on the platform. These instructions work for any web browser...
  9. henrytcasey

    How to Use Chrome's New Autoplay Video Blocking

    Chrome's latest trick? It will block and allow autoplay videos based on your preference. Here's what you need to know to set it up. How to Use Chrome's New Autoplay Video Blocking : Read more
  10. henrytcasey

    Chrome to Support New Password-Free Logins

    Chrome and other major browsers will be introducing support for new way to login to websites, without passwords. Chrome to Support New Password-Free Logins : Read more
  11. D

    Problem Completing a Task

    I am having problems with completing this offer "Add this link on any internet website (forum, blog etc.)" What do i need to do?
  12. D

    Whatsapp for Tablets

    Hello all, I love using Whatsapp. Unfortunately they have yet to release a android tablet version. I tried everything. I tried using it in a web browser ( on tablets), didn't work. I tried using it with Hermit ( a app that turns web apps into android apps) didn't work. So I decided to create a...
  13. AndrewFreedman

    Chrome Now Lets You Mute Noisy Sites Forever: Here's How

    Version 64 of Google Chrome lets you mute entire sites to thwart annoying autoplay videos. Chrome Now Lets You Mute Noisy Sites Forever: Here's How : Read more
  14. F

    Solved! Cannot load Facebook and Whatsapp Web websites (MF,Chrome,Edge)

    As the title suggests, I have problems loading these two websites no matter which browser I used. At first I thought that this is affecting all social networking sites, but i can load Twitter and any other websites just fine. Sometimes it actually load the page (I think) but it'll just keep...
  15. jabbadahut

    Suggested videos appear while watching videos on Youtube. How do I fix this?

    I'm not sure if this is the place to ask this, but I couldn't find a more appropriate place. Sometimes when I'm watching a video on Youtube, I see video suggestions that appear in each corner of the video. They are very annoying, because I can't see what's behind them & they have little or...
  16. R

    Solved! Can't delete a background process that's actually a virus

    I have a background process (virus?) that will not go away. Tried all of the malware/adware/virus programs to no avail. Also tried a lot of unlock/delete programs with no luck. The exe is called psezhlwsvc.exe. All online search sites find nothing on the exe. Upon further digging, using Process...
  17. J

    Monitoring Network on Other PC

    Hi, We hold an online test everyday. Even though the test is online, the test takers must login through PCs provided by the organization in a room. The test is provided via a web browser, and thus participants might be able to browse while taking the test by opening a new tab. My question, is...
  18. A

    hallo my Samsung smart TV web browser has refused to work even though all the smart hub apps are working,what could be the sol

    When I want to stream a movie it just hangs
  19. Paul Wagenseil

    Your Browsing History Is for Sale: What to Do

    Anonymized user data can unmask individuals, and when data collection is done by ISPs or browser extensions, no online activity is private. Your Browsing History Is for Sale: What to Do : Read more
  20. M

    Web browser for https://outlook.live.com/owa/

    I'm just what you might call a basic user. I have been using Hotmail as my Email since the 90's. I have moved through several Windows version and have now arrived at W10. My Hotmail has changed quite a few times and now it's called Outlook Mail. I go along with these things because I all I...
  21. N3rdR4ge

    Chrome Video Black Flashes

    Fresh install last week. Chrome works 100% other than the issue I'm having. In full screen mode, after about 3 seconds, I will get one quick black flash and that's it for the rest of the video. Also, if I click another monitor or back to the video, it will cause a black flash each time...
  22. E

    Browser Flash Security Issues

    Can anyone explain to me in layman's terms what it is about web-browser Flash that makes it such a security vulnerability ?
  23. Mike Andronico

    Google Chrome Getting Built-in Ad Blocker (Report)

    According to a new report, Google Chrome could be getting a built-in ad blocker that disables advertisements that the company deems intrusive. Google Chrome Getting Built-in Ad Blocker (Report) : Read more
  24. C

    Sticky Twitter Timeline Problem

    Hi all My problem with Twitter timeline is: Lets say you've never been on Twitter since morning and it's 18:00 now. And entered twitter with web browser or app at 18:00. I've only been able to see the last 20 or 40 minutes twits in my timeline. Ie I can see only the latest 17:20 twits and then...
  25. C

    Firefox V50 - Javascript Popup blocked

    Hi, Ever since upgrading our Citrix image to FF v 50, we're unable to add documents via our Dynamics website. When clicking the add document button, it is saying "Popup blocked: *URL*" When running it in admin mode, it works fine, but It's not reporting any errors/causes as to why it doesn't...
  26. Lutfij

    How To Fix Youtube Won't Play any Videos

    YouTube is the staple platform for generations of young and old to looking for advice as well as entertainment. Sadly, there are times when some or all YouTube videos end up not playing on your tablet, phone, or even your PC. This tutorial will show you a few solutions that can help you regain...
  27. A

    Noob Smart TV question about web browser

    So I just bought my first smart TV (Samsung TD390S) and was playing about with the web browser (It's some version of Chrome) when I noticed it was saying that it was an old version and would I like to update. Instinctively I clicked yes but then thought: 'Hmm should I be doing this?'. So should...
  28. S

    Keyboard, Backspace not working

    I have an Acer laptop and while the backspace button works on desktop it has stopped in my web browser. Can anyone help
  29. Lutfij

    How To Install Widevine Plugin On Google Chrome

    IF you like watching most of your consumable visual content on your desktop or have cut the chord t your television then Wdievine is one plugin you can live with having in your arsenal. Widevine is a plugin meant for viewing premium content on your web browser and is built on a DRM(Digital...
  30. A

    hijacked web browser

    http://zodiac-game.info/ I have been hijacked by some adware that opens the website linked above every boot cycle. I also see the cmd pop up for a split second every half an hour or so, barely even noticeable but it's there. I have tried avast, malwarebytes and a couple other antiviruses but no...
  31. M

    firefox adblocker issue

    my adblocker in firefox doesn't work right away when i open firefox, it takes a few seconds for it to work but when i go to other websites with ads on them afterwards the adblocker works fine.
  32. B

    My laptop runs extremely slow

    Hello all. Recently I have noticed that my laptop has been running extremely slow but only when I'm on a web browser. My laptop can run games like minecraft lag free and with a potato like mine, over 60fps. But whenever I play the least demanding 2d flash games, my laptop just runs...
  33. M

    converting flash to html5

    i know this is section is for apps general discussion but would anyone now how i can convert flash videos, pictures and etc.... on the web to html5 for a firefox web browser?
  34. S

    Chrome and Firefox being incredibly slow for quite some time now

    For quite some time now, both Chrome and Firefox are being incredibly slow. I am not talking about network issues, I have a great 100Mbit connection with no issues whatsoever. The programs themselves keep getting frozen for a second or two every couple of seconds (even as I am typing this text)...
  35. henrytcasey

    Browser Malware Now Bypasses Microsoft's Best Defenses

    Microsoft's long-trusted security tool EMET is no longer enough to stop malicious websites and ads from infecting your PC. Browser Malware Now Bypasses Microsoft's Best Defenses : Read more
  36. henrytcasey

    Sneaky Malvertising Hits Top Sites; Patch Your Flash

    Malware cached in ads on sites such as CBS.com, DailyMotion.com and MLB.com can be evaded by patching Adobe's Flash Player plugin. Sneaky Malvertising Hits Top Sites; Patch Your Flash : Read more
  37. N

    Google Chrome Behaving Erratically

    Hey guys, So since yesterday I'm having a huge issue with Chrome. 1. YouTube videos load fast but thumbnails of other videos are not displayed 2. YouTube home page itself takes a long time to load or respond (Once more many thumbnails of videos and other users in the comments section only...
  38. G

    No package sending web browser?

    Hey! I want to find a ''no package sending'' browser, like if you fill in a form, you can't Any suggestions?
  39. D

    Need a good laptop!

    Hi I need a laptop for around $600 that can do Programming, university stuff and Web browsing! I can stretch the budget to $700 but no more than that please! Thanks
  40. T

    Low Ram Usage Web Browser

    Microsoft edge seems to use a ton of RAM while just doing basic browsing. I have an I-5 4460 / 8gb and after opening about 15-20 tabs the system started to slow down. the CPU usage was extremely high and ram usage was almost maxed out. The tabs were showing usage of hundreds of MB each. I...
  41. P

    Have Adware injector virus cannot remove (I have wooden seal)

    I have tried for 6 hours I have removed MOST of this virus but still have apart of it, I have tried litterly everything! This only effects chrome web browser. please help
  42. B

    Is avast secureline worth it?

    Hello, I have been using Avast AV free for a little while now, and I'm just wondering if this Avast Secureline that they keep advertising is worth it. What does it actually do? If it only blocks websites that track me on the web, I already use Privacy Badger for that, so I'm not sure if I...
  43. M

    Web Browser Issues

    Gents...and potential Ladies, I'm a bit bumfuzzled at the moment. A few weeks ago, I installed a new program and attached to that lovely little program was some malware, I found out. I started noticing my browser, Chrome, switching its homepage to Snap.do or other weird Adware search engines. I...
  44. Marshall Honorof

    Microsoft Edge, IE Now Detect, Block Malicious Ads

    The latest versions of Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer can detect and block browser exploit kits, malvertising and drive-by downloads. Microsoft Edge, IE Now Detect, Block Malicious Ads : Read more
  45. TechyInAZ

    64-Bit Firefox, Why Use It?

    Out of curiosity, how does a 64 bit web browser benefit the user? I remember seeing a 64 bit version of internet explorer 10 & 11 a few years ago, but I always used 32 bit since I had issues with 64 bit not working.
  46. D

    When I open Chrome it downloads something

    Over the last couple of days, when I open chrome after computer start,I downloads something. Well. It says "Starting..." and then doesn't do anything. The most recent one is called "frame". Please help, thanks.
  47. S

    Need a youtube intro/banner/outro

    Hello, I am looking for someone who could make me a free youtube intro/banner/outrlo, i want to make a gaming channel where i play a lot of different games. My youtube name will be HazardGaming. Also if you know a good screen recorder whigh i can use to record web browser because i currently use...
  48. S

    Returning virus and unwanted programs

    Hello, I downloaded something but a virus came with it, there are 5 programs and they keep installing themselfs again, like 10 minutes after i remove the programs they come back and they are really annoying cause they pop up in my screen while im doing something like gaming. They also change my...
  49. K

    Chromebook web browsing

    Hello, i want to buy my mom a laptop. But since she will only surf online ( watch videos, read stuff) i taught about getting a chromebook. I would use it sometimes too. But what i am not sure about is the video support on the chromebook. Can i watch videos from other websites? For example...
  50. henrytcasey

    Adobe Flash Hit by Hackers Yet Again; Turn It Off Now

    Once again, Adobe Flash Player has been hit by a zero-day vulnerability that lets attackers seize control of Web-browsing computers. Adobe Flash Hit by Hackers Yet Again; Turn It Off Now : Read more
  51. K

    Anoying Ads Problom

    I have a problem with ads. i uploaded a screenshot: I have Windows 8.1 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 installed on my PC. there is ads, sometimes certain words hyper Bold and in some cases clicking in internet pages a new window comes up with "serevrban" URL link. and there are some...
  52. M

    Google Chrome has stopped working.

    Google Chrome has stopped working. Every time I try to open it, it says Google has stopped working. I only have Google Chrome as my web browser so I wouldn't want to uninstall it. Please help!
  53. B

    Old Laptop as picture/weboage viewer?

    Sorry for not being very clear in the question, I don't know exactly how to state it. Anyways I was wondering if this would be a good practical idea. I have an old Inspiron 2600 with 128mb ram. 20gb harddisk. (Can use usb as storage) They keyboard is shot along with the screen cable. Would it be...
  54. U

    New Laptop Web Browser Not Responding Issue

    I just got the MSI GE Series GE70 Apache Pro-681 Laptop with Windows 8.1, and I've constantly had my browsers stop responding every 5 minutes or so, sometimes less. This is a very bothersome issue while I'm trying to research or use things like google docs. Google Chrome and Opera have the same...
  55. H

    Laptop for Video Editing

    Hey there, been having issues looking for a laptop, I see some nice ones but some have a graphics card in them that I don't think I need, as I will not be gaming on it. Specifically I need it for Photoshop and video editing. Would be doing lots of web browsing, and normal tasks. Would have to...
  56. Z

    Browser Problems ???

    I have a problem on my computer browsers. I installed some software and an option came up to install partner products and change default homepage but I declined ALL offers and still they get installed. I uninstall them ALL but my default home page is changed in all browsers without my consent to...
  57. Piero Biollo

    what is the best OS and Web browser for my laptop

    What is the best OS and Web browser for my Pc Yesterday I found in the recycle are a nice looking laptop, it's a Dell XPS M170, I know it's an old laptop but it looks so nice that I want to keep it and I was wondering what OS should I install. It originally came out with windows xp. (should I...
  58. S

    My wifi is connected but I can't load any web browser sites

    Well I'm having more wifi problems now. It comes on as usual, (4/4 green lights on modem and not one is flashing) It says that connected but I cannot load ANY web page. It just won't load. My sister was using a laptop and she had the same issue What should I do? Here's what I already...
  59. D

    Choose laptop for web

    Hello! I'm looking for a laptop just for browsing. I have seen these ones: http://www.pcgarage.ro/notebook-laptop/asus/116-eeebook-x205ta-hd-procesor-quad-core-intel-atom-z3735f-133ghz-bay-trail-2gb-32gb-flash-gma-hd-win-81-bing-dark-blue/...
  60. M

    Web browser error/malware need help asap.

    i have a problem and I can't find anything on Google Both my desktop and laptop connected on the same network doesn't allow me to use my web browser at all. When ever I use google chrome a thing pops up telling me my free trial for chrome is over and I need to pay a premium which to me is a...