what is the best OS and Web browser for my laptop

Piero Biollo

Oct 27, 2014
What is the best OS and Web browser for my Pc

Yesterday I found in the recycle are a nice looking laptop, it's a Dell XPS M170, I know it's an old laptop but it looks so nice that I want to keep it and I was wondering what OS should I install. It originally came out with windows xp.
(should I continue with windows xp?)

I already tried with ubuntu and windows 7 but I think ubuntu and windows 7 are too heavy for it. I just want to use it for Facebook some Web browsing and YouTube

Here the speciations

Processor: Intel pentium m 770 2.13 ghz 2 mb cache

Ram: 2 gb ram ddr2 533

graphic card: nvidia geforce go 6800 ultra 256 gddr3

Hdd: 100 gb idé hard disk

Harrison Whitmarsh

May 1, 2015
Hello and welcome to Toms!

Centos is a great option, and probably your best. XP could and would work with the machine, but even that might be a little heavy. I would probably just skip the Windows route and check out different versions of Linux. For browsers, I am personally a huge fan of Chrome, but Firefox would technically be a little more efficient.

Hope that helps!

- Harrison Whitmarsh
Lincoln Nebraska USA
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