May 15, 2016
Hey guys, So since yesterday I'm having a huge issue with Chrome.

1. YouTube videos load fast but thumbnails of other videos are not displayed
2. YouTube home page itself takes a long time to load or respond (Once more many thumbnails of videos and other users in the comments section only appear here and there)
3. Some websites do not load at all or takes a long time to load and respond.
4. The problem does not appear in Internet Explorer but appears sometimes on Firefox

However at times it all seems to work fine but the problem keeps persisting and is becoming a great headache for me.

Here’s what I tried to do
1. Disable plugins – did not work
2. Disable extensions – did not work
3. Empty the cache – did not work
4. Delete the cache and the rest of browsing history completely – did not work
5. Went to Chrome settings/System and unchecked use hardware acceleration when available - did not work
6. Used CMD as an administrator and typed netsh winsock reset and restarted the machine – worked for about 30 mins but the problem once more came back
7. Used CMD as an administrator and typed netsh winsock reset and netsh int ip reset and restarted the machine – this time did not work at all
8. Reset the wireless modem manually – did not work
9. Created a new wireless connection – did not work
10. Disabled Anti-Virus/ Firewall – did not work
11. Uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled – did not work
12. Uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled an older version – did not work

Honestly, I’m really tired of trying to fix this problem. It would be great if someone could help me out.

Download speed 13.85 Mbps
Upload speed 0.45 Mbps


Jul 14, 2016