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  1. voyboyfan

    can't get rid of istartsurf

    Hello, as the title says, I can't get rid of istartsurf. When I go to Control Panel and try to uninstall it, it tells me this, Which is all fine, not like I'm stupid so I can't type it, but when I do type it, it says this. (it changed the picture by itself, I'm not trolling or anything)...
  2. rhym1n

    Help Buying New Laptop

    I am in need of a new laptop for work. I will be using it several hours a day. Here is a list of what I will be doing with it: -Several tabs open in a Web browser at a time -Several applications open at once -Occasional Netflix or video open -I will not be gaming or doing anything that requires...
  3. N

    Ads Popup during clicks

    Hi peeps I'm not sure if this is the correct section, but here's my problem. A few days ago, ads started popping up randomly on my browser when I click on some links. And on certain occasion, when I click the middle mouse button on a link so that it would open on a new tab, the ads website...
  4. viveknayyar007

    Subscribe to a Subreddit on Reddit

    While using your Reddit account, you want to subscribe for a single or multiple subreddits. You might want to do so in order to remain updated about the topics that the subreddits contain, and you do not have to wander around and search for the required details on the topics of your interests...
  5. A

    How to Remove Toolbars From A Web Browser

    When you open a web page, is it cluttered with toolbars at the top? Is your usual home page now something different? Toolbars and plugins are normally attached to programs that you have downloaded from the Internet. Not only are these toolbars annoying, the plugins can cause severe damage to...
  6. H

    Spotify web player hanging for 5ish minutes upon typing URL

    Hello, I for a long time have been dealing with this issue of the spotify web player not loading anywhere near as quickly as any other website. Where even facebook takes seconds to jump on, spotify is taking, as stated, around 5 minutes just to get to the home page. It works okay (more or less)...
  7. A

    How to Add Bookmarks to a Web Browser

    If you have websites that you visit frequently, bookmarks are a great way to get quick access to them. Follow the steps below to add bookmarks to your web browser. Step 1 First of all, note that the process for adding bookmarks may be slightly different. The instructions provided in this guide...
  8. R

    How to Create a Tweetdeck Account

    Tweetdeck helps Twitter users keep their Twitter account(s) organized. Users can search, add columns and timelines, and pre-schedule tweets. It is easy to create a Tweetdeck account, and if you would like to learn how to create one, please read and follow these few simple instructions. 1...
  9. R

    How to Enable ‘Do Not Track’ in Your Web Browser

    It may come as a surprise to some people that when you visit some websites, your browsing activity is tracked by that website. The claim is that this is only done for advertising purposes, but people really don’t know for sure. You can ask sites not to track your browsing. The problem is that...
  10. T-Nichs

    Chrome Opens Multiple Tabs

    Hello council of wise ones! I am having a problem with Chrome. Anytime I open it up it opens up google (default tab)... but it also opens up yahoo, amazon smart search, search conduit, and yahoo search. I have checked the extensions, and there's nothing. I've checked uninstall a program...
  11. N

    Program that automatically presses a key when changes occur

    Hello! I am looking for a program that automatically presses a key on the keyboard when predetermined text appears on the screen/in the web browser. This change always happens at the same spot on the same part of the screen, so i suppose the program could look for changes/colour- changes...
  12. J

    How to Save Articles to Pocket

    Saving Articles to Pocket to read later, or on another device, is as easy as one simple button push. You can save articles to your pocket account using your web browser or a mobile device. No matter which way you save, you'll be able to access all articles from the web or any device with the...
  13. J

    How to Add Pocket to Your Web Browser

    Pocket has been well-developed for seamless integration into all of your favorite devices and browsers, with just a few simple set-up steps. Using Pocket from your web browser is especially beneficial, as you can save articles, videos, and more for you to view from any mobile device...
  14. B

    cannot connect to wifi

    I need to login to my wifi account via the Web browser to enable my wifi. I can connect to wifi but the Internet will not work until I login. I cannot login because I cannot access the Web browser until the wifi is up and running. Can I get around this??
  15. viveknayyar007

    How to Close All Opened Safari Tabs in iOS 11

    While surfing the web on your iOS device, it’s obvious that you’ll open several tabs in Safari to browse various websites simultaneously. Even though there’s no harm in leaving them opened as your iOS device is your personal property, sometime you may want to close all the tabs for security...
  16. tomsguideUS

    How to Clear Cookies in the Safari Web Browser

    Cookies are everywhere and lots of sites use them, from the trusted to the not-so-reliable. There are of course many different types of cookies, and many are just there to help make a site that you use all the time easier to use: for example, to keep you logged in. There are then of course the...
  17. tomsguideUS

    Share Pins from Pinterest to Facebook

    Pinterest allows you to share your Pins from your Pinterest profile to your Facebook account. However in order to do so, you must connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook profile which can be done with just a few mouse clicks. Once your Pinterest account is connected with your Facebook...
  18. tomsguideUS

    Promote Your LinkedIn Public Profile

    If you have a LinkedIn account and you also play a leading role in your organization, or even if you own one, you might want to promote your LinkedIn profile on your personal blog, website, or forum in order to gain popularity and increase visibility. In order to help you in the process of...
  19. tomsguideUS

    Opt-Out of Endorsements on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn profiles are set up to receive endorsements from other users regarding your skills. Profile owners can be endorsed on skills by all of their connections. In most cases it is advisable that you leave the endorsements on and allow your connections to commend you on your skills. On the...
  20. tomsguideUS

    How to Follow a Company on LinkedIn

    While using LinkedIn, you can easily search and follow any company that meets your line of work and/or your area of expertise/interest. You might want to follow several companies on LinkedIn in order to remain updated about their latest activities, news, updates, and/or job openings. To follow...
  21. tomsguideUS

    How to Find Archived LinkedIn Messages

    If you think your LinkedIn inbox is overpopulated with messages, you can archive the ones you know you won’t reference that often. When you archive any message in LinkedIn, the message is moved to the Archive section of the Inbox folder of your profile. If you wish to re-read any message that...
  22. tomsguideUS

    How to Disable Group Digests in LinkedIn

    When you create a LinkedIn group, or even if you are added to any existing group, you receive the group's digest emails on daily basis by default. The frequency of the digest emails for all groups can be controlled by changing the email notifications from daily to weekly. If you do not want to...
  23. tomsguideUS

    How to Add the Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Extension to Your Browser

    If you already have a Pinterest account or if you are planning to start one, it is a good idea to add the ‘Pin It’ extension to your web browser. Since Pinterest allows you to add Pins (images and videos of your interest) to your profile’s pinboard, having the ‘Pin It’ button added to your...
  24. tomsguideUS

    How to Add a Suffix to Your LinkedIn Profile Name

    While using your LinkedIn account, sometimes it is important to add a particular suffix with any additional qualifications (eg. PhD), to your profile name so that the profile visitors or your LinkedIn connections know your profession and/or your area of expertise. At the time of this writing...
  25. tomsguideUS

    How to Clear Cookies from an Android Smartphone

    Just like any desktop web browser, the Android’s web browser apps save cookies. Although cookies allow to load previously visited web pages more quickly, many times they also send the saved personal information such as your email address or phone number to third-party advertisers. The...
  26. viveknayyar007

    Zoom in the Browser on Your Laptop with Windows 8

    The default display settings of all web browsers that you install on any operating system (including the built-in Internet Explorer) work for most people. But people with bad eyesight or with any other disabilities might find it difficult to read the contents that are displayed in the web...
  27. viveknayyar007

    Change the Arrangement of Opened Safari Tabs (iOS 11)

    If you have opened multiple tabs in Safari in your iOS 11 device, most likely you frequently switch between them in order to work on more than one webpages at a time. If the tabs in the browser are not properly arranged, it may take a lot of time to switch to those you want to work on...
  28. viveknayyar007

    Add Multiple Stops to Your Google Maps Directions

    When mapping out a route in Google Maps, you may want to include multiple stops. In order to add multiple stops to your instance of Google Maps, you must be signed-in to your Google account. Once you are signed-in, the rest of the process is simple. Here’s how: ■Open your favorite web...
  29. viveknayyar007

    Obtain a Copy of All Your Tweets on Twitter

    After you have successfully created your Twitter account and have used it for a while, you might want to back up all your tweets. Here’s how you can obtain a copy of all your tweets: ■Sign in to your Twitter account using your favorite web browser. ■On the Home page, click the gear icon from...
  30. L

    download new web browser to ps3

    how do I download a free web browser to my ps3
  31. V

    Windows 7 running somewhat slow, mostly in browser, with audio and video latency as well as two other issues.

    I've currently been having issues with a newly built computer, it's my first build. Main issues have been: 1. Windows has been booting somewhat slowly, I have a SSD as my boot drive, and running somewhat slow as well. 2. Video and audio have latency and distortion, some skipping of audio, mostly...
  32. I

    web browser power usage

    does anyone know the browser that uses the least power (internet explorer, firefox, chrome etc or any others
  33. C

    Reliable Laptop for a speed-spoiled college student

    Im currently looking for a great laptop to use as a student in the fall. Im mainly planning to use the basic programs like Microsoft office and do some intense web browsing. I currently have a high-performance PC so Im kinda spoiled when it comes to speeds from the RAM, CPU, and the SSD I have...
  34. I

    Mozilla Firefox periodically slows down and becomes unresponsive, how to fix?

    Im running Mozilla firefox and every now and then it will slow down to a halt and end up becoming super unresponsive after some time. This mostly happens when I watch a bunch of youtube videos one after another but it has happened just from ordinary browsing as well. It is the latest version...
  35. D

    make browser header larger?

    Is there a way to make the part of a Web browser about the page you are viewing larger? When I switch to my tv I can't read it. I don't mind using a different browser for this purpose.
  36. R

    Connect to FileZilla server through web browser.

    I made a Home Server with Win 8.1 and its running a FileZilla Server. Everything is setup properly and works great. I can connect off my LAN through a FileZilla Client or other client (android phone). When I go to Chrome and type ftp or ftpes it comes up with a log in and password; like its...
  37. tmontney

    List of known web browser toolbars?

    I am looking for a list of known toolbars that install in a web browser. This is the good and the bad toolbars.The sites I have found claim to have a list of toolbars, but they're out of date that I get a 404.
  38. G

    April Windows 7 Patch Needed to Get June IE Updates

    Windows 7 users must install Microsoft's April monthly software updates in order to receive future Internet Explorer 11 patches. April Windows 7 Patch Needed to Get June IE Updates : Read more
  39. G

    How to remove "Disable Developer Mode Extensions"

    Alright, so recently I installed an extension not from the Chrome We Store. I know EXACTLY which extension it was and it wasn't malware. However, Google decides to give me a popup saying "Disable Developer Mode Extensions", and it pops up every time I start up Chrome. Is there any way to...
  40. G

    How to Reset Google Chrome

    Web browsers now include 'reset' buttons to swiftly get rid of browser-hijacking adware. Here's how to reset Google Chrome. How to Reset Google Chrome : Read more
  41. G

    How to Reset Apple Safari

    Web browsers now include 'reset' buttons to swiftly get rid of browser-hijacking adware. Here's how to reset Apple Safari. How to Reset Apple Safari : Read more
  42. G

    How to Reset Mozilla Firefox

    Modern Web browsers include 'reset' buttons to swiftly get rid of browser-hijacking adware. Here's how to reset Mozilla Firefox. How to Reset Mozilla Firefox : Read more
  43. G

    How to Reset Microsoft Internet Explorer

    Modern Web browsers include 'reset' buttons to swiftly get rid of browser-hijacking adware. Here's how to reset Internet Explorer. How to Reset Microsoft Internet Explorer : Read more
  44. grimlockPH

    help me choose

    Please help me choose between these two, [i5-4200m 2.5GHz + intel hd 4600] versus [i5-4200u 1.6 GHz + nvidia GT 820m] I will use it daily for 2D drafting only in Autocad, video editing in cyberlink powerdirector, web browsing, office, and movie watching. Thanks guys!
  45. C

    Is There Any Specific Torrent Client I Can Use To Download A Download From My Web Browser

    Currently I'm downloading a large file from the web, currently saying that it has 3 hours left to complete. The reason that I want to use a torrent client is mainly because I want to be able to download and browse the web without the download be interrupted and also because I want to be able to...
  46. T

    Can't Visit a Specific Website On a Specific Computer

    Hey guys, I've been trying to access the website for the company that hosts my personal website to do some site maintenance, but I haven't been able to for several days. For reference, the site is www.globat.com. At first I thought the site was just down for temporary maintenance, etc. but a...
  47. G

    Drive-By Downloads: How They Attack and How to Defend Yourself

    Drive-by downloads are one of the most effective and sneaky ways of spreading malware, yet few people know they even exist. Here's an explanation of what they are, and how you can protect yourself against them. Drive-By Downloads: How They Attack and How to Defend Yourself : Read more
  48. J

    Need to get time stamps from Android Browser history

    I need to retrieve the time stamps from the Android web browser history. As is on the the tablet, the history simply shows website links, but no time stamp. I know there has to be a timestamp in there somewhere. How can I access the time stamps?
  49. G

    Browser Settings Hijacked? How to Use Chrome's Reset Tool

    Browser taken over by ads and weird toolbars? Here's how to get rid of them in Google Chrome. Browser Settings Hijacked? How to Use Chrome's Reset Tool : Read more
  50. M

    how to only allow access to the web browser and nothing else?

    I was wondering if its possible to to set up a computer where a user can only use the web browser and nothing else? they won't have access to any other part of the computer and they won't be able to see any other part of the computer. I was wondering if its possible to setup a computer...
  51. G

    Why Google Chrome May Be an Identity-Theft Risk

    Google Chrome has vulnerabilities that can put a user's sensitive personal information at risk. Why Google Chrome May Be an Identity-Theft Risk : Read more
  52. P

    What are the opinions on the best web browser?

    I have used web browsers starting with Netscape, running Windows 95...in 1996...up to IE10 on my current fastest machine. I am so tired of Google and Internet Explorer I could just...well...ok...let's not get violent here. Can someone please tell me their opinion on the available web browsers?
  53. M

    Laptop shutting down when using browser

    Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite T135D running Windows 7. I recently started having a problem where my computer shuts down when using a browser. The problem has not happened in safe mode, at least not yet. I did do a malwarebytes scan, kaspersky internet security 2014 scan in safe mode with...
  54. A

    Since one week, all my browsers crash

    Hi everyone, I have been faithful to an eeePC 1000H WinXP for nearly 5 years and it has worked flawlessly - I am on my work computer now because I have no other way to explain this. I have all three Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox, but I mostly use Chrome. Since 1 week, whenever I go on...
  55. G

    Internet Explorer Zero-Day Malware Targets U.S. Bigwigs

    Internet Explorer Zero-Day Malware Targets U.S. Bigwigs Internet Explorer Zero-Day Malware Targets U.S. Bigwigs : Read more
  56. P

    Looking for a TV that displays a Web Page when it sleeps

    We have started using various remote technologies in our office (Video Conferencing, Desktop Sharing, etc.) to work between multiple sites. We have also started using a Digital Project Status board. This is a Web Page that shows were the project is at, how many defects are still open, when is...
  57. F

    opening a locally saved Powerpoint slideshow in a web browser's kiosk mode

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with opening a locally saved powerpoint file in Chrome (preferably) or any other browser that will work. I got to the point where I can run the browser in kiosk mode, tried with Internet Explorer and Chrome but when I try to load up the local...
  58. viveknayyar007

    Mozilla Firefox Doesn’t Update Automatically

    Mozilla Firefox is one of the web browsers that is continuously updated by its developers. As soon as a new update is released and becomes available for the end users, the users are instantaneously notified about the released update, and are prompted and strongly recommended to download them in...
  59. G

    Tracking Cookies: What They Are, and How They Threaten Your Privacy

    Too many cookies can lead to problems. Tracking Cookies: What They Are, and How They Threaten Your Privacy : Read more
  60. TheTechnoTux

    Which Web Browser is Best?

    Look at speed, ease of use and aesthetics. My speed tests using BT Infinity Firefox: Chrome Safari Couldn't test IE as I use a Mac. Firefox and Chrome seem the fastest, which would add up being as Chrome is super-duper-lightweight and Firefox has won the Web Browser Grand Prix many...