Looking for a TV that displays a Web Page when it sleeps


Nov 5, 2013
We have started using various remote technologies in our office (Video Conferencing, Desktop Sharing, etc.) to work between multiple sites. We have also started using a Digital Project Status board. This is a Web Page that shows were the project is at, how many defects are still open, when is going on today (in the different offices) and so on. It is implemented as a Web Page. My boss would like to see the displays (Samsung LED TVs) that we are using in the conference rooms also display the Project Status board, when they are not being used. So I am wondering if anyone knows of a TV/Display that can be configured to display a web page rather than going black when it idle times out?

I appreciate this may not be the right forum for this, but I am unsure where else to ask. :)

Pat O
Are you sure that the TVs will idle out? If there is an input which is receiving a signal even if is not changing the TV should stay on (a monitor would time out). If you connect a PC with the web page on the screen it should stay on if it is a TV not a monitor. You might need to use a non PC type input. If it is a monitor you might be able to change the power options on the PC so that the monitor stays on.
There might be an issue as the page would need to be refreshed to show the latest version rather that the one in the browser cache so showing changes in real time might be difficult.
Rather than letting your PC go into sleep mode, you might be better served with having the system display your web page as a screen saver. I've not tried this, personally, and I'm not seeing anything directly from Microsoft (other than an MSDN Blog about writing your own), but it may be more along the lines of what you're looking for.

-Wolf sends