Solved! Cannot load Facebook and Whatsapp Web websites (MF,Chrome,Edge)


Dec 8, 2017
As the title suggests, I have problems loading these two websites no matter which browser I used. At first I thought that this is affecting all social networking sites, but i can load Twitter and any other websites just fine. Sometimes it actually load the page (I think) but it'll just keep loading with a white screen, while most of the time it just keep loading without showing that thing at the bottom left corner telling us its processing something.

I can access these two sites from my smartphone and I mostly connect with the internet through data tethering from my phone (Remote NDIS based Internet sharing device). I even tried opening a wifi hotspot using my phone and my PC network will show that its connected to the hotspot and one other virtual....?? something . I use the Google DNS which I set on my PC (for both IPv4 and IPv6). I use the same network properties for all connection and I never faced this problems before, in fact everything was fine just this morning.

My drivers are up to date except for the recent Nvidia GeForce Experience update for PUBG that I left pending. My Windows is up to date as well. Other than that, I did not make any changes to my PC nor my smartphone prior to this issue.

I did googled the issue before coming here and tried out a bunch of fixes;-
-restart my PC and my phone
-Installed Chrome and tried accessing the websites there ( I normally use MF, and Edge is just there in my PC)
-Malware scan (MalwareByte) -- no issues found
-clear browser history (everything) > restart browser
-cmd flushdns > renew > reboot
-disable all add-ons/extensions
-Logout of facebook and whatsapp from my phone (this was never a problem before)
-change DNS settings back to default
-there's this fix by checking if the host file in System32>Driver is infected -- its not

Most of other fixes that I found are just repetitions of these fixes and none of these works.

Hoping someone could point me to the right direction here, is it the sites? my PC? my phone?