How to Close All Opened Safari Tabs in iOS 11

While surfing the web on your iOS device, it’s obvious that you’ll open several tabs in Safari to browse various websites simultaneously.
Even though there’s no harm in leaving them opened as your iOS device is your personal property, sometime you may want to close all the tabs for security reasons, testing purpose, or to improve your device’s performance.
Since closing every opened tab individually could be tedious and troublesome, here’s a simple way to close all the tabs quickly in a single go:
    Open Safari
    Tap the Safari icon from the Dock of your iOS 11 device. This launches Safari, and the most recent website you’ve visited is displayed on the screen.

    View all the opened tabs
    Tap the View All Tabs icon from the bottom-right corner. This changes the view, and the thumbnails of all the opened tabs are displayed. On this window, you can tap the Close button for each tab to close its corresponding website individually.

    Close all the tabs at once

Long tap the Done button at the bottom-right corner, and tap Close All # Tabs (# represents the number of tabs currently opened). This closes all the opened tabs in Safari, and you are displayed with the default page with the links to mostly used websites.