How to Connect Facebook and Twitter to

XuuT5m4.jpg is a social networking site, and like the site name implies, it is based on asking and answering questions. Users can ask questions directly to people or get random questions to answer. Users can connect their account to Facebook and Twitter, and if you follow these simple instructions, you will be connected in no time.
1. Logging in - Go to and log in to your account.
2. Settings - At the top of the page, there will be some options to click on. These are: Home, Questions, Profile, Friends, Search, and Settings. Click on Settings.
3. Settings menu- In the Settings menu, you will see several options. These are Profile, Privacy, Design, Services, and Widget. Click on Services.
4. Services menu- The services menu is for connecting to other social media accounts. From here, you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, and
5. Connecting to Facebook- From the Services menu, click on Connect with Facebook. You will see a pop up that tells you that will be accessing your public profile and friends list. Click Ok to complete the connection.
6. Connecting to Twitter- Click on Connect with Twitter. You will be redirected to enter your Twitter account info and authorize app. Enter your info and click Authorize app to complete the connection.