How to Connect to US or UK Channels on Roku

Sometimes, you’re away from home and want to wind down with your favorite shows. But being away from home, you cannot access your Roku streaming services. Here is a simple way in which you can connect to US or UK channels on Roku when you’re away.

1. Have your Roku device set on factory settings
This is the first step for you to receive your regular entertainment schedule away from home. By resetting your Roku device set to factory settings, you are able to start your device on a clean slate.

2. Have your internet network connected to a VPN or DNS system
Connect your internet network to a VPN or DNS system. A DNS system allows you to change your location when you access the internet. So, you can indicate you are currently located in the UK when you’re actually elsewhere. A VPN allows you to change your IP address while accessing the internet, which creates the illusion you’re in a particular region.

3. Sign up for a new Roku account
After having successfully reset your device and connected your internet router to a DNS or VPN system, you can now sign up for a Roku account in the region of your choice. You can indicate that you’re either in the UK or the US. When your account is set up, you will be able to access channels from the country of your choice.

4. Log into your Roku device with your new account
After successfully signing up for a new Roku account and making your payment, you can now log in to your new Roku account over the VPN or DNS system you have applied to. You can now select your favorite UK or US channels.

5. Start streaming movies and TV channels from the US or UK
Once you are streaming the shows you want, make sure you keep your internet connection on your chosen VPN or DNS system for uninterrupted service.