How to Create List and Insert List Items in Dreamweaver?

In HTML, list are mainly of two types which are ‘Ordered’ and ‘Unordered’ lists. These list are used on the webpage according to your requirements.

Ordered lists are the lists in which ordering is available in the form of numerals, whereas the unordered lists are not ordered according to numerals, and may contain symbols or bullets instead. These lists are implemented on the webpage according to their use under various parts of the webpage in the form of categories, subcategories, and drop-downs menu.

Creating a list in HTML using Dreamweaver is quite easy. You can also insert list items into a list using its easy to implement GUI interface. These lists can be scripted on your webpage according to your requirements. The list view provides better readability, and makes your page organized.

If you are facing issues while creating lists and inserting list item values in HTML because of syntax errors or misplacing of tags, with the help of Dreamweaver’s insert options you can achieve this task of creating the lists and inserting list item values very efficiently and quickly.

You can make different type of lists available, and insert appropriate values to the list items by following the below described procedure step by step:

    ■On your computer, initialize the Dreamweaver program from the Start menu.

    ■On the Dreamweaver’s interface, select File from the menu bar.

    ■From the drop-down list that appears, click Open.

    ■On the Open window that opens up, locate and open the target page.

    ■On the interface, select Source Code on the section below the menu bar.

    ■On the interface, select the area or DIV under which you wish to add to the list.

    ■On the menu bar, click on Insert.

    ■From the drop-down list that will appear, select Structure.

    ■On sub drop-down list that opens up, click on Ordered List/Unordered List.


    ■Now repeat step 7 and 8, and on the sub-drop-down list, click on List items.


    ■On the code window of Dreamweaver, enter the value of that list item inside List Item (<li>) tags.


    ■Select File from the menu bar.

    ■Click on Save on the drop-down list to save the changes.

You can add more than one list item by repeating the steps ‘10’ and ‘11’. You can also nest ordered list inside an ordered list having different list item values.

Note: While adding a list item menu, do not move the pointer to another location otherwise you will encounter syntax errors or undesired results.
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