How to Cut Down Netflix Mobile Data Usage

Few people have the privilege of being on an uncapped data or Wi-Fi network. If you have a capped internet plan, it is important to keep an eye on how much network data you use on streaming apps like Netflix. They tend to be heavy on data usage and can easily run up your internet bill. Here are steps to help you cut down Netflix mobile data on your web browser (with separate steps for the Netflix app):

1. Sign in using your web browser, go to and sign in to your Netflix account. Enter your Username and Password.

2. Go to ‘Account’
Once you have logged in, go to the right hand corner of the Netflix sign in screen and look for a drop down menu. Click on the drop down arrow, then go to ‘Account’.

3. Go to ‘Playback Settings’
Once you’ve logged into your account, you will see a few tabs under the account profile. Go to the ‘My profile’ tab, which you will find at the bottom. Under this menu option, you will see ‘Playback settings’. Click on this option.

1. Open the Netflix app on your mobile device
Navigate to the Netflix app on your mobile device.

2. Click on the ‘More’ (can also be ‘Menu’) option
Depending on the device model you are using, after opening your Netflix app, look for the ‘More’ (or ‘Menu’) button. It can be on far left hand corner with three vertical dots indicating the ‘Menu’ button, or it can be on the far right side of the screen with three horizontal sticks as icons.

3. Select ‘App Settings’

4. Select ‘Cellular Data Usage’

5. Select ‘Preferred Settings’
Netflix will give you the option to stream over a ‘Wi-Fi network only’, ‘to save data’ or use ‘maximum data’. These settings will apply only to the specific device while streaming over mobile networks. If Netflix detects that you are streaming via a Wi-Fi network, it will automatically attempt to stream in the highest quality possible for your connection speed and the content you’re watching. Unless you have already set your data usage for all devices with ‘Playback Settings’ on your account, streaming on mobile devices will not exceed this setting.
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