How To Download All of Your Google Account Data

Many people use Google's services, including Gmail, Android, Google+, Picasa and more.

Google allows you to back up all your data from your Google account. The account data can be backed up in a .ZIP file and can be downloaded for offline use.

In order to back up your Google data, follow the steps given below:

    ■Open your favorite web browser.
    ■In the address bar type and press Enter.
    ■On the opened Google webpage, provide your login credentials in the appropriate fields and click Sign in.

    ■On the next window, ensure that the Data Tools tab is selected from the top, and under the Select data to include section, all the toggle buttons representing the Google apps you want to back up are enabled.

    ■Click the Next button from the bottom to continue.

    ■Once the next page opens up, under the Customize download format section, choose the desired options from the File type and Delivery method drop-down lists, and click Create archive.

    ■Wait until the archive of your Google account data is prepared, and once it is prepared, click Download from the Almost there window.

    Note: Preparation of archive may take some time depending on the amount data in your Google account
    ■On the opened popup box, click to select the Save File radio button.
    ■Finally click OK to save the .zip file on your computer.