How To Download And Install .Net Framework Version 4.5

Microsoft offer a number of utilities for systems running on their Windows platform and one such utility available for download and utilization is .Net Framework. It should be seen as a bundle of code necessary for developers or system's which would otherwise need to written for use by a programmer. It can often be a prerequisite for particular software installations with AutoCAD being one to name. This tutorial will show you how to install Microsoft's .Net Framework version 4.5.

    ■In your web browser of choice, type into your address bar and hit enter.

    ■Scroll down to come across a drop down menu for your language. Please select the language based upon your region or the language pack with which your OS is installed on.

    ■Click on the red Download button and save the installer onto a destination of your choice. Mind you, this is an offline installer of .Net Framework 4.5. If you have a reliable and fast internet connection and would like to get .Net Framework 4.6.1 please download from here.

    ■Locate the executable in your downloaded destination and initiate the installation with an elevated command, i.e; Right click>Run as Administrator.

    ■Click on Continue and proceed by clicking on Next until it has finished installation. Please be patient while it takes place.

    ■If you have the same version of .Net Framework installed then the installation will not proceed. Since I have version 4.6.1 installed, it's preventing me to go any further.

    You should now be up to date on your .Net Framework revision with version 4.5.