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  1. Cristobalossa

    Question Framework ChromeOs

    I just read a nice article from Matthew Murray, thanks Matthew was really good... After finished only one big question came to me... Why it's not possible or what we need to demand as a consumer to have the chance to build a ChromeOS... I'm sure it's possible a ChromeOS Flex... But what happens...
  2. H

    Solved! I Need Help

    Hey guys do you know how to fix this error in terraria Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentLoadException: Error loading "PixelShader". ---> System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Failed to load XnaNative.dll. Please verify that you have the XNA Framework installed. at...
  3. S

    Rat X Pro 3.5 .net framework?

    Can't seem to get 3.5 .net framework to work with my Pro X software. Tried everything. Any help would be appreciated. I haven't activated windows if that helps.
  4. F

    Serious Issue in downloading

    Even if I have .net framework 4.5 it asks me to download 3.5 What should I do? I tried downloading but there was no response the screen that appeared said "Searching required files....." and whenever I start my laptop it starts searching with itself... PLEASE HELP!!
  5. Y

    Dot net 3.5

    I have a windows 10 pro laptop and I need to install Dot net 3.5 framework to play GTA 4, fifa and max Payne 3, but I can't
  6. J

    How to upgrade your framework

    My android kingpad k90 tablet won't connect to any WiFi at all .it just automatically savers it.I have tried several different WiFi does the same to all. Please help
  7. Z

    Solved! Install .Net Framework on laptop

    I recently bought a laptop online from AliExpress. It's a no-name Chinese laptop, and all I know is that it is running Intel Celeron J19000 4 Duo, and OS is Windows 7&8. I tried downloading the GoPro studio app on it, and it says installation failed because I need to download .Net Framework...
  8. D

    Net framework version?

    What version of net framework is essential for gaming? There tons of them in microsoft website
  9. P

    tablet help please

    I have a xtreme Play tab v2 tablet and when I turn it on I get a message that says Unfortunately google services framework has stopped and also a message that unforunately has stopped. I have tried to do a factory restore on it myself, but that didn't...
  10. G

    Need Google Framework Services for Games

    I just got a new phone - the Moto Z. Overall I'm lovin it but when trying to log into my accounts for certain games that I've wasted untold hours on, the game help says I need Google Framework Services to do this. Every other phone I've had or switched to has had this, but the new flagship Moto...
  11. Lutfij

    How To Download And Install .Net Framework Version 4.5

    Microsoft offer a number of utilities for systems running on their Windows platform and one such utility available for download and utilization is .Net Framework. It should be seen as a bundle of code necessary for developers or system's which would otherwise need to written for use by a...
  12. Lutfij

    How To Check Which Version Of .Net Framework Is Installed On Your System

    Often times a software's prerequisite demands .Net Framework to be installed and almost always included with the software's installer as part of a bundle but there are times when installation's may not move forward and is hard to pin down if the installer is corrupt or if the OS has encountered...
  13. R

    Once I've completed the out of the box reset.

    Is it imperative that I run every single update for example the .net framework or could I simply update only the most recent? Are there any risks of corruption by skipping past updates? I am referring to all repetitive updates not just the .net framework, that is just an example and the most...
  14. T

    How to uninstall Avira Antivirus forever?

    So, for the past few weeks, after "uninstalling" avira and switching to Avast!, I noticed that the processes - the shadow copy and Host Framework service - for Avira is still running. I've been trying to shut it down by task manager, even using Advanced Uninstaller Pro to delete all files from...
  15. R

    pls some one help me

    Can somebody help me I have tried alot I have cleared the cashe of playstore,google play service framework,... I don't know what to do my phone is Sony Ericsson :( please helppppppp
  16. I

    .net Framework and Visual Studio updates won't install

    I cannot get any version of .net framework to install after trying all of the microsoft fix-its and the .net framework repair tool. The visual studio update won't install either, i'm not sure if they are related somehow, but I would really like both to work! This is for windows 7, service pack...
  17. E

    Bitdefender Total Security 2015

    I cannot install .NET FRAMEWORK SP1 and update.NET FRAMEWORK 3.5 x 86 (KB951847) which are needed for installing the bitdefender. I have tried for weeks to install the above .NET but nothing doing
  18. Z

    handbrake stops encoding at 18.26 %

    I noticed the problem seems to come from Microsoft.NET Framework wich doesn't start
  19. reppin

    KIS 2014 slows down internet connection

    I recently installed KIS 2014 and have been bearing with slow connection's every website take's long time to load up.I'am using .NET Framework 4.5 I'am searching for a solution,anything but uninstalling KIS 2014. Thank's in advance.
  20. W

    AMD CCC Not opening

    I just downloaded the new CCC 14.7 drivers from AMD's website but when I try to open it it says this: The application has fail to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application even log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail. Im not sure...
  21. J

    How do u upgrade your framework ?

    I got android tablet won't let me connect to wifi so frustrating please help I'm not a wizz this is my first
  22. D

    .NET Framework 3.5

    I have windows 8.1 and i am trying to run GTA 4 but it says that .NET Framework 3.5 is required. Now if i install it from my win 8.1 dvd, will it affect other games like BF3, COD: MW3, NFS: The Run? P.S-i think this question is silly but plz help!
  23. K

    Questions about various versions of Microsoft .Net Framework, for Windows XP

    I have a WindowsXP high priority update that keeps failing for Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1. Looking up the error, takes me to a microsoft page where they provide instructions for uninstalling both Framework 1.1 as well as Framework 2.0. Yet I've also got Framework 3.0, 3.5 SP1 and 4.0 on...
  24. I

    About Microsoft.NET Framework compatibility

    Are Microsoft.NET Framework different versions compatible? I mean, I got many versions installed in my XP SP2 machine, and, if logic prevails, I surely could just uninstall all the previous, outdated versions, leaving only the most recent one... On the other hand... of course I'm aware that...
  25. S

    net framework not working

    ok so a few days ago i was starting to get an error message saying that i needed to enable net framework in the programs and features tab. Ive had a look there and its enabled so i retried that program and still doesn't work. Ive tried reinstalling the program but still wont work. I will try to...
  26. L

    Can't download net framework2.0 for Lexmark Productivity Studio - 5600-6600 Series on Windows8 64bit

    How can I get my Lexmark Productivity Studio - 5600-6600 Series to run (on Windows 8 64 bit) if I can't download framework 2.0 from Has anyone else solved this problem?
  27. P

    Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 will not install. What are the requirements?

    Microsoft .NET framework 3.5 will not install. Am I missing something? Everytime it says error. What are the requirements? I really need to download Microsoft Office for school and that requires .net framework 3.5 only. I had 4 installed and Office still needed 3.5.
  28. rahul1

    use of dotnet framework

    if i install '.net frame work' in my computer, how it is going to help me?
  29. D

    Windows 7 won't boot in normal mode (Black screen with movable curser after windows logo)

    So I built a new PC a couple of days ago, and everything has been running fine until recently. It started with my PC hanging on a blackscreen upon booting up. I believe it had something to do with a registry clean that I performed with CCleaner early.. After restoring my registry from a backup...
  30. F

    Barcode Generating

    I want to generate barcode images in the .NET framework that supports Custom Windows Forms DLLs or Controls. Cause I'm a freshman of .NET, what do I need when I generate barcode images in the .NET Winforms?
  31. ulillillia

    What is .NET and what is it used for? Uninstall?

    I see 6 cases of "Microsoft .NET Framework" in my add/remove programs list, taking up about 600 MB of disk space (on 250 GB, that's less than 1%, practically nothing). The usage is showing "rarely" for all of these. This usage information is unreliable. I've used GIMP actively in the past 2...
  32. G

    Run Windows Applications Directly From The Web

    Hello, I Have windows application that is writen by c# and janus framework, Can I explore it via internet explorer.
  33. R

    .net software

    Do the newer .net framework versions 3.0 or 3.5 have all the support for previous .net releases such as 2.0?
  34. exfileme

    Open Source Social Network In Private Alpha

    A new open source social network uses the Ruby on Rails web application framework. Open Source Social Network In Private Alpha : Read more
  35. I

    About visuals c+++ !!

    my os is in my sig , win 7 64 hp so i should use 64 stuff ,ok. but which one ? Download details: Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64) or Download details: Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64) there is some 2010 versions also Microsoft Express Downloads - Visual...
  36. G

    Who Needs Microsoft Net Framework

    Hello, What is this and can I delete it off my computer? Thank You
  37. G

    How can I remove a program when resource cannot be found

    How can I remove microsoft net framework 3.0 when I get the error resource cannot be found
  38. M

    .Net Framework

    Hello All, Please can one tell me why Microsoft decided to release the .Net framework for windows only not for other platforms unlike Java that's open to all other Platoforms
  39. R

    Dell Axim x30i (two year old)...will work Window CE 6?

    I have 2 year old Dell Axim x30i PDA and wondering if this is upgradable for Window CE 6 version when officially released. How much it likely to cost?. I think it has 256M SD memory (which can be upgraded to 1G if I choose so). The reason for upgrade that I have Visual Studio 2005 and .net...
  40. G

    BEEP function not present in .NET CF.......

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) The function Beep does not exist for the .NET Compact Framework. Does anyone know of any other function which does the same work? Or has any one developed one. And also I want a beep function with a .1 ms precision. Is that possible...
  41. G

    autostarting application?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.compactframework,microsoft.public.pocketpc,microsoft.public.pocketpc.developer (More info?) Hi, I've developed a PocketPC app using the compact framework and would like to make it as easy as possible for users to start it (it is the only...