How to Enable Automatic Volume Levelling Feature on Roku

Roku digital player is known for its advanced level of settings for the betterment of the user experience. While playing the internet streaming videos there can be an issue of unbalanced volumes, you can resolve that easily. Here is how you can enable the automatic levelling feature on your Roku device for better viewing of the videos.

Step 1
The foremost step is to select the ‘Home’ button by pressing it on your Roku remote as shown in the figure. By pressing the home button you will see the home screen with several options getting displayed on your Roku device.

Step 2
Now, from the list of channels getting displayed on your home screen, selection any channel of your choice to watch videos. In this case, the user selects the Prime Video option.

Step 3
Next, you should press the * button, the settings button in your Roku remote to get access to the sound settings.

Step 4
Now from the list of options, scroll down with your Roku remote and select the ‘Advanced Sound Settings’ option to access the sound options.

Step 5
In the advanced sound settings options, choose the ‘Sound mode’ to get furthermore options on levelling the volume. Additionally, you can also change the sound mode to bass boost for increasing the sound and reduce bass for lowering.

Step 6
Now, choose the ‘Volume mode’ to automatically level the volume on your Roku device while watching the videos.

Step 7
On clicking the volume mode, you will get a few more sub options to select. From that list, select the ‘Levelling’ choice which will do the volume levelling automatically by smoothing out both the high and the low sounds.

After enabling the automatic volume leveling feature by following the above steps, you can easily play videos with the appropriate sounds
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