How to Enable Subtitles on Roku

Mar 16, 2018

Roku is one of the famous digital players that enables the user to play their favorite media content on the big Television. Users can access a lot of free and paid channels to stream all forms of videos. Roku offers a set of extensive and cool features that enable a pleasant experience for the viewers. One of the highlight features is enabling subtitles on the Roku device. The users are given the opportunity to enable or disable the subtitle feature while watching videos. Here is how you can easily enable the subtitles on your Roku device.

Step 1
The first step for the user is to press the ‘Home’ button present on the Roku Remote to get access to the options getting displayed on the Roku TV.

Step 2
Now, by scrolling up and down the options with the help of the Roku Remote, click the ‘Settings’ option to get the list of options for settings.

Step 3
The user should be choosing the ‘Captions’ option to open the caption settings to enable the Subtitles on your Roku device.

Step 4
The user should now choose the ‘Captions mode’ choice to enable the subtitles settings. You will get the following modes visible.

  • Off - The subtitles are never enabled for the video.
    On - This subtitle mode means that Subtitles will be enabled if its available for the user from the service provider. The service provider usually makes sure that the subtitle feature gets automatically enabled within their set of channels.
    Replay - You can select this subtitle mode if you want the subtitles to be displayed only if the replay button gets pressed through the Roku Remote.

You can now enable subtitled on Roku while watching the streaming videos, further, you can also customize your subtitles style, by setting their opacity, text color, size, and alignment.
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