How to FaceTime with Up to 32 People on the MacBook Pro

Mar 16, 2018

The people’s favourite iOS video calling app, FaceTime, is available for use on MacBook Pro as well, and the latest MacOS Mojave allows the group calling option to include as many as 32 people at once. This is undoubted a serious technological marvel for the video calling world, and can be of huge help when making a conference video call with a large number of people.

Everyone is looking for ways as to how this feature can be used and If you are unable to figure it out as well, simply follow the steps below to FaceTime with up to 32 people from your MacBook Pro.

Step 1
Open up the 'FaceTime' app. The user interface is quite simple. One the top right you have a box to enter the number or name of the person(s) you want to call. And at the bottom left there are two buttons to make either video calls or audio calls.

Step 2
Start by entering the phone numbers or email addresses of the people you want to call. If any of the people are already in your contact list then you can simply type in their name. A total of 32 contacts can be added.

Step 3
Click on the video call button below and a group call will be sent out to all the selected contacts.

Things to note:
  • ■This feature is only available with the MacOS Mojave update version 10.14.1.
    ■The speakers screen always becomes bigger during the conference video call.
    ■You can create groups of up to 32 people and save them for calling later as well.
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