How to Find Users to Follow on Vine

Vine is an application that is owned by Twitter. Users upload videos called vines that are a maximum of 6 seconds in length, and videos gain popularity based on likes, follows, and re-vines (sharing vines with others). Some users may not wish to post videos, but rather just keep up with popular users who have funny or interesting vines regularly being posted, so they follow them. Here's how to follow users on Vine.

1. Logging on and in- Open your web browser and go to or tap the Vine icon on your mobile device to open the app and sign up to create an account or sign in to your existing account.

2. Search bar- There is a search bar at the top and you can use that to search keywords for users that you know.

3. Channels- Scroll down the page and you will see Channels on the left side. Click or tap on a Channel to find vines posted in that category. From there you will see if there are any posters that you want to follow.

4. Featured viners- Continue scrolling down the main page and you will see featured vines and viners from each category or channel. Select which ones you’d like to follow from there.