How to fix a frozen Samsung Note


The Samsung Galaxy Note5 is an awesome device. It is powerful, has a fantastic screen and is blisteringly fast. Unfortunately, like other Samsung devices, it doesn’t have a removable battery. That sleek aluminum chassis just doesn’t allow for one. That makes forcing a restart on it problematic. Fortunately, Samsung built in a trick to allow us to fix a frozen Samsung Note.

On the whole, the Samsung Galaxy Note is a solid and reliable family of devices. After a few teething troubles, Samsung slimmed down their UI, Android fixed bugs in Marshmallow and the ownership experience improved dramatically. However, with thousands of apps available and our love of playing around, a frozen device is a constant risk. Here’s how to fix it.

Fix a frozen Samsung Note
If you own another relatively recent Samsung device, the instructions are the same for all. You will need to make sure the device has at least 5% battery for a normal reboot to complete. Charge it beforehand or perform the reboot while plugged in.

1. Hold down the volume down and power buttons until the phone reboots.
2. This should take 7-8 seconds under normal circumstances but can occasionally take longer. Just hold the buttons down until the reboot completes.

According to Samsung, holding down the volume down and power buttons simulates a battery disconnect in the device firmware forcing a reboot.

While we would obviously prefer to be able to remove the battery from the Note, if it’s a choice between that premium chassis and a plastic removable one, I think I’ll stick with the aluminum!