How to fix "Can't play a sideloaded song remotely" when streaming music to Chromecast (Audio)

If you haven't figured out already, its basically saying you can't play the songs in your local files that you didn't buy from the Google store. Follow these simple steps to fix the problem.

1. Connect your phone to your computer

2. Cut and paste all your songs from your phone to your computer into a folder (There should be no copies of your songs on your phone)

3. Download Google's Music Manager for your computer (Its free)

Google Music Manager:

4. Open up Music Manager and select the file in which all your songs are in, then upload them all (you have a max of 50,000 songs you can upload)

5. Once all the songs are uploaded, refresh your phone in Google Play Music's settings, and you should see all your songs. Now if you try to stream music it should work with no problems.

6. Now for the hard and also unfortunately time - taking part. You have to go to the "Albums" tab in your Music Library, then hit the 3 dots for every album, and download each one. If you don't, you'll be stuck listening to your music only when you have WiFi.

Note: There is a option in Settings that you can "Auto-download" music, and I haven't tried it since I don't have many songs. If you guys can try it out and tell me what it does, I can update the tutorial. (Contact me via private message)

Hope this Helps!

If you guys have any questions regarding the Chromecast Audio and the new Chromecast, feel free to private message me.

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