How to Fix Roku Device Powering Issues


You Roku device may not power up for several reasons. There may not be enough power to your device, or there might be a USB failure on your TV. Most of these problems centre around an inappropriate power supply to the device, and you can follow the steps below to fix them.

1. Use Provided USB Cable
Use the USB cable provided with your Roku kit to connect it to a power source. Using a USB cable that does not transmit enough power is a major reason for these type of problems with the Roku player.

2. Use the Power Adapter
You probably use a USB cord to connect your Roku streaming device to one of the ports on your TV. But the USB ports on some TVs do not have enough power output to run a Roku device. If this is the case, connect it directly to the power socket using the adapter provided with the device.
If the Roku is not receiving enough power, you will see a flashing red light on the front panel of your Roku player instead of the ‘Power On’ light.

3. Keep the Player in an Open Space
If the front panel of your Roku player is showing a constant red light instead of the ‘Power On’ light, it means your Roku device is overheating. Move it out of any cupboards, enclosures or cases. These might obstruct the flow of air.
Make sure you keep your TV and the Roku player at a distance from each other as the extra heat from your TV can affect It. You can use an HDMI extender to connect the Roku player to your TV if necessary.

Your Roku device should not have any powering issues after following these steps.