How to fix the Samsung Galaxy S7 slow charging problem


The Galaxy S7 is a fantastic handset that is very easy to live with. So it’s unfortunate when issues get in the way. One such issue is slow charging. Quite a few Samsung Galaxy S7 owners have complained that a phone with supposed fast charging capabilities can charge so slowly. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to fix the Samsung Galaxy S7 slow charging problem, here’s how.

Check the basics
First thing’s first, let’s check to make sure the charger and the cable are working. Then let’s make sure it isn’t a background app draining power while you’re charging.

Try charging from the wall or with the USB cable and swap them around to see if one if defective.

1. Hold the Home button on the S7 until the Recently used apps screen appears.
2. Select End all applications.
3. Select the RAM option at the top of the screen to clear the memory.
4. Check to see if charging is going any faster.

Or boot into safe mode:
1. Power off the handset.
2. Press and hold the power button until the Galaxy logo appears.
3. Press and hold the volume down button and release the power button at the same time.
4. Hold the volume down button until the phone has fully booted.
5. Retry charging and check to see if it is any faster.

Wipe cache partition
Occasionally, a failed update or app install can keep the chipset working overtime in the background causing a slow charge. Wiping the cache partition can help with that. If you have tried the previous steps, try this.

1. Power off your Galaxy S7.
2. Hold the home, power and volume up button until the Galaxy S7 appears on screen.
3. Release the power button but continue holding volume up and home until the Android logo appears. You should now see the recovery menu.
4. Select Wipe cache partition with volume down and select using the power button.
5. Reboot and retest once complete.
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