How To Fix Youtube Won't Play any Videos

YouTube is the staple platform for generations of young and old to looking for advice as well as entertainment. Sadly, there are times when some or all YouTube videos end up not playing on your tablet, phone, or even your PC. This tutorial will show you a few solutions that can help you regain playback functionality on YouTube.

As a prerequisite;
For the PC platform, make sure your wireless and wired adapter's drivers are up to date.

For the mobile computing device's platform, make sure your apps are all up to date.

    ■Clear your cache and web browser cookies, i.e:
    web browser settings>Privacy(and/or security)>Clear browsing data>check the appropriate boxes>Clear browsing data
    and see if the service resumes. For the smart phone community, you'll be able to get by with clearing your settings in the WiFi section,
    Menu>Settings>WLAN>(long press the carrier/network you'd like to remove)>Forget Network

    ■A common occurrence for users on iOS devices is to receive the error message, "Playback error. Tap to retry." This issue has also been spotted on Android and Windows PC environments.

    To fix this issue, update your router's firmware.

    You can also try rebooting your router by either manually shutting it off and turning it back on after 10-30 secs or via the GUI, issuing a manual reboot in a web browser using your router’s management software/administrative tools, i.e:>settings>reboot

Please note, if you hit the reset button at the back of your router the login
information reverts to its factory defaults which may be an issue if you've
fiddled with a lot of settings in the GUI or if all your device's are on the same network.

    Try disconnecting and reconnecting to your wireless network and see if the issue is persistent. You can also try and connect to another service or network in your vicinity. This can include switching the radio frequency on your routers broadcast between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency's and for those on smart phones and tablet's you can try and switch to your network carrier’s internet services.

    Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube app, if you're on a smart phone or tablet device. If you're on the PC platform, try and close the tab on which your YouTube video was meant to play and reopen it with the keyboard shortcut, CTRL+SHIFT+T for Google's Chrome or try a different browser altogether and see if the issue persists.

    For users on a mobile computing device, close the YouTube app and reopen it. For those on the PC platform, close your browser window altogether and see if reopening it, guided to your YouTube content resolves the issue. If not, perhaps reboot your system and then try to view the content.

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