How to Give Someone Access to your Netflix Account Without Giving them the Password


In this internet age, people are prone to use the internet for every possible work. And to eliminate the use of old-school televisions, Netflix launched their media streaming service around 20 years ago for the US. And in the last two decades, it has grown exponentially and is now available to most of the world. Netflix has a great and vivid collection of TV shows, movies and even documentaries that members can’t resist to binge watch. The spotlight will always be on its futuristic algorithm that predicts your recommendations to watch in the future based on your viewing history. This will not only bind and improve the user experience, but it will also allow users to watch what they want to watch.

Netflix gives its users the first month free and they charge you for after that. There must be one friend at least who would have asked for your Netflix account’s credentials. Here’s how to give someone access to your Netflix account without giving them the password.

Step 1
Open 'ShareAccount'
Head over ShareAccount’s website here It allows you to share your account to a site for a limited amount of time. You then have to click on ‘Install'.

Step 2
Add to 'Chrome'
You will then have to click on ‘Add to Chrome’ to add the extension to your chrome browser. This only is available at the moment for Google Chrome.

Step 3
'Confirm Extension'
Click on 'Add Extension' to confirm adding ShareAccount to your Google Chrome account. You can read the policies and permissions and then allow if you want.

Step 4
Click on the 'Extension'
You can now navigate to the extension bar and click on the ‘ShareAccount’ icon to start the service. You will have to click on ’Share Account’.

Step 5
Confirm 'details'
You will have to add a recipient code which is auto-generated when your friend/relative to whom you’re sharing your account, clicks on 'Receive Account'. You can even decide the time limit until which you want to share the account.

And that’s how easily you can share your Netflix account without the fuss of giving your password directly.
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