How to Group Message With Facebook Messenger

With group messaging, you can converse with more than one person in a single Facebook chat box.

Previously, group messaging feature was available only when Facebook was used on a PC. With a few improvements, now you can create and/or converse in a chat group even if you are using the Facebook Messenger app on your Android smartphone.

If you have already been added to an existing chat group on Facebook, you will get instant notifications of the text messages on your Messenger. However in order create your own Facebook group messaging chat box you must follow the steps below:

    ■Log on to your Android phone.
    ■To display the apps list, tap the menu icon.

    ■From the available list, locate and tap the Messenger app icon.

    ■On the opened interface, tap the Group icon (icon with the three users) from the top.
    ■On the Group interface, from the available group type sections, tap New Group to create a group in the desired category. (E.g. For close friends?, For a vacation?, For selfies?, or For work?)

    ■On the next interface, tap the Name field from the top and type a name for the new group.
    ■Tap the Add people to the group field, and type the name of the target contact.
    ■From the suggested list, tap the desired contact to add him/her to the group.

    Note: You must follow the steps 6 and 7 individually to add multiple contacts to the new group.
    ■Once done, tap the CREATE GROUP button from the top-right corner.

    ■Once the group is created, tap the group name to start conversing with the people added to the chat group.


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