How to Increase Storage in Your MacBook Pro

No matter how much space your Mac comes with, you’re probably going to want more. Be it pictures, movies, songs, documents or games, you can’t just delete them all. But how do you keep them without upgrading your entire system into a more expensive one?
Don’t worry. You can get more space on the device you already own, and it isn’t always expensive. Here are some of the ways in which you can increase your MacBook Pro storage.

How to Increase Storage by Optimising the Disk Storage?

1.) Open 'About this Mac'

Click on the ''Apple'' icon and select “About this Mac” on the pop-up screen. A dialog box will appear.


2.) Open 'Storage Details'

Click on the “Storage” tab in the dialog box. The storage details will appear.


3.) Click on 'Manage'

Now select the “Manage” button. Another dialog box will appear.


4.) Click on 'Optimize'

In that dialog box, click on the “Optimize” button under the “Optimize Storage” tab. A pop-up asking if you really want to optimize will appear.


5.) Select 'Optimize' on the Pop-up

Select the “Optimize” button. Mac will then automatically optimize your storage by moving the documents, movies and other files you haven’t used recently into the Cloud. This still makes them available on demand.


How to Increase Storage by Clearing your Trash?

1.) Click on 'Finder'

Select the ‘’Finder” tab at the top left of your Home screen. A drop-down list will appear.


2.) Choose to 'Empty Trash'

Select on the “Empty Trash” option. A pop-up asking if you want to permanently delete your trash will appear.


3.) Select Empty Trash in the Warning

Click on “Empty Trash” in the pop-up. Your unwanted files will be removed, leaving you with extra disk space.


How to Increase Storage by Using an External drive?

1.) Connect Your External Drive With the Provided USB

Plug in the regular USB-A cable provided with the external drive. Your drive is ready to be set up.


2.) Use the Lightning Converter

Connect your Lightning-to-USB converter to you Mac, and plug the external drive into it. You will see Mac detects the external drive straight away.


3.) Open 'Finder'

Click on the 'Finder' tab. You will see your external drive is detected. Now you can easily transfer files off your internal hard drive, thereby creating more space.