How to increase your max number of pokemon in Pokemon Go

Have you ever gone to catch a pokemon only to be told you can't carry any more? Maybe it happens when you are out and you don't feel like fully going through your roster to remove the ones you don't want, because you'd rather check their stats later when you have time to see which ones to keep. Well, you can increase the amount of pokemon you can keep with you, and here's how.

Step1)Get 200 pokecoins.
These coins can either be outright purchased in the inn app store, or you can defend gyms to collect a reward of 10 coins per gym you help defend, but you can only collect the reward once per 21 hours. If when you collect the reward you have a pokemon defending three gyms, you'll get 30 coins, but if you defend a fourth gym you can't collect your reward right away, you'll still have to wait the 21 hours.


Step 2)Access the in app store.
Tap on the pokeball at the bottom of your screen to access the menu, and then tap on the shop option located here to go into the store and find the pokemon storage upgrade, sold for 200 coins.


Step 3)Purchase the upgrade.
Once you have purchased this item it will start work immediately without any further input from you. You can purchase additional upgrades to keep increasing your limit, up to 1000 if you want. Each upgrade will increase your limit by 50, and you will start out with a limit of 250, so if you spend 3000 pokecoins on these upgrades you will reach your limit of storage space for pokemon.


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