How to install Linux Ubuntu 14.04 on the HP Spectre X360


The HP Spectre X360 comes with Windows 10 installed as default but that doesn’t mean you cannot install something else if you want. You could easily install Linux Ubuntu 14.04 on the HP Spectre X360 or some other OS should you prefer. Here’s how.

Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr is one of the most usable Linux distros around. It is especially useful for newcomers to Linux as it is one of the most ‘Windows-like’ Linux distros around right now. It is well supported, has a good range of drivers, a wide selection of apps and lots of compatible programs. It is also very resource efficient, which is ideal for a laptop.

Install Linux Ubuntu 14.04 on the HP Spectre X360
You will need a copy of Ubuntu 14.04 burned onto a USB drive to make this work. DVD will obviously not work as the HP Spectre X360 doesn’t have an optical drive.

1. Download Ubuntu 14.04 and burn it to a USB drive. The download is a couple of GB so may take a little while to download depending on your internet speed. Select the 64-bit option.
2. Reboot the HP Spectre X360 and press F12 as soon as it powers on to access the BIOS menu. Select the USB drive as boot drive.
3. Boot the laptop from the USB drive containing Ubuntu. Let the installer run until you see the welcome screen.

4. Select Install Ubuntu. Try Ubuntu uses the live installer which is held only in memory. You need to install it.
5. Check the two boxes to download updates and install third-party software. This keeps things nice and simple.

6. Select the installation type. If you’re clean installing Ubuntu, select Erase disk. If you want to dual boot with Windows, select Shrink Windows and install Ubuntu alongside.

7. Confirm your choices and select Install Now.
8. Select your time zone, keyboard layout and provide a username and password when prompted. These are all necessary for the install.

9. Let the installer complete. The install won’t take long and shows you its progress as it goes. It will then boot into the Ubuntu desktop once complete.

Once the installer has rebooted, you should now have a shiny new Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr running on your HP Spectre X360!