How to Locate Wi-Fi MAC Address of My Android Smartphone

A Wi-Fi MAC address is an important element in all Wi-Fi enabled devices that helps devices connect to an available wireless network. In many open (unsecured) wireless networks such as one at a coffee shop, the wireless access point or WAP is configured to automatically accept connection requests from all the Wi-Fi devices.

On some private wireless networks, such as the one at your home or office, the wireless network is protected and if the MAC access security is enabled in the wireless access point, the MAC address of each wireless device must be manually added to the access list before the device can use the wireless network.

MAC stands for Media Access Control. A MAC address is the physical address of any wireless device, and the address is used to identify the device. The MAC of all wireless devices are unique. In other words, no two Wi-Fi devices in the world would ever have identical MAC addresses.

If you want to access a protected wireless network as discussed above, you must provide your Android device’s MAC address to the wireless network administrator.

Here is how you can find the Wi-Fi MAC address of your Android smartphone:

    ■Press the power button to switch on your Android device.
    ■Tap the menu icon to go to the apps list.

    ■From the app’s interface, tap Settings.

    ■Once the Settings window comes up, under the SYSTEM section, tap the About phone option from the bottom.

    ■On the About phone interface, tap Status.

    ■Once on the About phone window, you can see the Wi-Fi MAC address for your phone under the Wi-Fi MAC address section.