How to Manage Extensions in Safari

Safari allows users to customize their Internet experience with extensions and plugins. From ad blockers to widgets designed to improve your online shopping or social media experiences, extensions can do a wide range of things. Use the steps below to find, install, enable, disable, uninstall, and ultimately manage your different Safari extensions.

Step 1
To start, why not install a few extensions that interest you? Launch your Safari browser and type into the navigation bar. This page includes a range of useful extensions, all of which you can install from right there.

Step 2
Once you have installed a few extensions, you’ll want to know where you can manage them. To do this, select the “Safari” dropdown menu and click the “Preferences” button. This action will launch a new menu.

Step 3
From the Preferences box, select the “Extensions” tab.

Step 4
You can manage all of your extensions from this page. The switch in the upper right-hand corner of the page allows you to turn all of your extensions on or off, while buttons and checkboxes next to each extension will allow you to enable, disable, or uninstall them.

Step 5
Also look for another checkbox that allows you to view more options for any given extension. For example, with AdBlock, you’ll see a box that says, “Click me to show AdBlock’s options.” Click on the box to open a new page where you can control some more detailed preferences for AdBlock and other individual extensions.

Safari makes it easier than perhaps any browser to download and install new extensions. Luckily, that ease also applies to managing extensions. Use the above steps to retain control of the web functions and features.