How to Manually Arrange Shows and Movies on Netflix

Netflix is one of the most used web and app streaming services in the world as of this moment. Over 130 million people all over world watch Netflix and chill. With greater content every day, Netflix users are binge watching every tv show that fits their genre. Netflix’s algorithm is to be blamed here. Their developers have made our recommendations tailor-made to a great extent which acts as a user magnet.

Netflix does most of the odd parts of video streaming services. Choosing a video to watch is actually the boring part for a few people. And now, you don’t have to watch any video twice. With top class recommendations and with algorithmic analysis of your viewing activity, your experience is enriched every time. Here’s how to manually arrange shows and movies on Netflix.

Step 1
Fire Up 'Netflix'
Head over to 'Netflix’s website'. You can even use Netflix on your mobile device be it Android or iOS.

Step 2
'Rate Shows'
Rate movies or TV shows by following these simple steps:

• For every movie or TV show, Netflix allows you to rate the video. You can either like it or dislike it.

• Netflix uses an algorithm which allows it to rate and show your content based on your likes and dislikes.

Step 3
View More Content You Like
Now you can’t really move genres up and down manually on Netflix. What you can do is watch more videos that you like, and Netflix will do the rest. This will help you get better customized viewing recommendations. There is a percentage that shows how much the video is made for you.

Step 4
Add to My List
You can add videos to 'My List' section to help Netflix’s algorithm take better video choices for you. You will see recommendations on top that fit your viewing history. You can even 'dislike' videos on Netflix and they will turn grey.

With better customizations from the user’s side, and with Netflix’s help, you can arrange shows and movies to fit you better.
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