How to Mirror Your Android or Windows Device on Roku

Roku streaming devices allow you to share your content with others. Roku has also introduced a new feature known as mirroring, which allows your mobile Android device to project to the TV.

To successfully mirror with an Android device, you must make sure it runs on the 4.4.2 version or later. For Windows devices, make sure they are up to date and are Miracast compatible. Here is how to mirror your Android and Windows devices when on Roku.

On Your Android Device
1. Ensure that Your Android and Roku Device Are Connected to the Same Network
You can confirm which network your Android device is connected to by clicking on its Settings. Once the page opens, click on the "About" tab, which will provide network information.
Use your Roku device settings to check its network information. Also, make sure it supports mirroring, and this function is enabled.

2. Select 'Settings' Option on Your Android Device
Once you confirm everything is on the same network, you can begin the process by going to your Android’s settings.

3. Click 'Display' on the Settings List
Open the "Settings" page and click on "Display". Another scroll page will appear.

4. Select 'Screen Casting'
This option name will be different depending on your Android manufacturer. It could be "Smart View", "Quick Connect", "AllShare cast", "Wireless Display" or "Cast".

5. Your Android Device Will Then Identify Devices to Share Content With
From the list of devices to mirror on, choose the "TV". The content on your Android mobile device will show on your TV.

On Your Windows Device
1. Ensure that Your Roku Supports Mirroring
You can check that your Roku is up to date by going to Settings, then clicking on System Update. Once the update is complete and you have the most recent version of Roku, go to "Settings", then select "Enable Screen Mirroring".

2. Make Sure Your Windows Device is up to date
You need Windows 8 or 10 to successfully mirror from a Roku. Once your device is up to date you can start the process.

3. Select 'Settings'
Open the Windows Project on your Windows device.

4. Select PC and Devices
• Once the Project window is open, click on the "PC and Devices tab".

• Click on "Wireless display or dock" under the 'Add a device' section.

• Select "Add Device", and when your Roku appears, click on it. You can now mirror your Roku content on your Windows device.