How To Move Apps To An SD Card On Android

How to Move Installed Apps to SD Card in Android?

Almost every smart phone or tablet that is available nowadays in the market and uses android OS has an additional memory card slot in which users can insert the SD card to get additional data storage space. If your mobile phone or tablet has unlimited internal storage capacity, which of course it does, installing storage intensive games or apps on the internal memory of your device might reduce its performance.

In order to overcome this situation, you might need to move the installed apps or games to the external SD card that you might have installed on the device. Since android OS does not have any built-in feature that can help users move their apps or games to the SD card, the end users are bound to rely on the third-party apps. One such app is Lucky Patcher that is capable of moving the installed apps or games to the external SD card if the card is properly installed and mounted.

With the help of Lucky Patcher you can move your installed apps to the SD card just with a single click. However in order to use the Lucky Patcher your device must be rooted without which even the Lucky Patcher cannot be installed.
Once you have successfully installed the Lucky Patcher on your rooted devices, moving the installed apps or games to the external SD card is easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. ■Ensure that the device on which you want to move your installed apps and games to the SD card has been rooted and the Lucky Patcher has been installed.

    ■Once verified, tap the app drawer.

    ■From the displayed list, tap the Lucky Patcher icon.

    ■On the opened interface, tap the name of the app or game from the list that you want to move to the external SD card.

    ■Once the app or game is selected by tapping, on the next window that appears, tap the Move to /sdcard option from the displayed context menu at the bottom.


    ■Once the transfer is complete, you will be displayed with a box informing that the transfer was successfully completed.

    ■Tap the OK button on the displayed box to go back to the previous window to move other apps or games to the SD card.

Note: With the help of Lucky Patcher, you will be able to move one app or game at a time only.
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